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MacBook Air freezing every few minutes. New problem in last

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MacBook Air freezing every few minutes. New problem in last day or so, nothing new was downloaded prior to this. I either get a spinning wheel (endless) or it just stops responding. Doesn't seem to be linked to any particular program or operation (Outlook, Safari, Word, SPSS).

I tried all the things mentioned on this answer: The Hardware diagnostic test (after holding D on a startup) said that everything was fine.

I have IT support at my worksite, but they really really really suck with Macs and sometimes refuse to even look at them ("we told you to buy PC") so any help would be appreciated....

CompExpert :

what operating system did you installed on your macbook air?

snow leopard 10.6 or Lion 10.7?

you problem might caused by corrupted files on your macbook air, try to reinstall your osx operating system.

remember reinstall osx will not delete your data, it just replace the internal osx core files.

here is how to reinstall osx:

1.if you have leopard 10.5 or snow leopard 10.6 you will need osx installation disc
2.insert in external usb dvd drive, power off, power on again right away hold down C key, keep holding it until you get to a language screen. click right arrow to passed
3.after that just follow the direction and reinstall your osx

1.if you have osx Lion 10.7 or Mountain Lion 10.8, you dont need osx installation disc
2.just power on your computer, right away hold down command and R key
3.keep holding it until you see mac osx utilities screen
4.then select reinstall osx and follow the direction on the screen

Please let me know if there is still any issue. Thank you.

If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Please remember to only rate my answer when you are 100% satisfied. IF you feel the need to rate bad or poor service, please stop and click on the "Reply to Expert" link with the issue you have. I will be happy to continue further and do everything I can to provide you with the service you seek.

Thank you,

Customer : Now I cannot even hard boot. It gets to apple screen, the bar at the bottom moves across about a cm and then powers down. I am assuming that I should try to track down a copy of operating system..
CompExpert :

seem like the operating system is corrupted for sure.

what osx version do you have installed?

CompExpert :

find it and reinstall osx operating system

CompExpert :

if you have Lion 10.7 then you dont need mac osx installation disc

CompExpert :

just power on and held down command and R keys for about 10 seconds.

it should take you to the mac osx utilities screen and you can reinstall osx from there

Customer : I am afraid that I do not know OS and cannot boot to find out. I will try there
Customer : I an afraid that I don't know OS and cannot boot to find out. I will try the 10.7 approach as is probable. I will accept now so you get paid and will direct subsequent questions to you specifically, if that works for you as my anti Mac IT folks will take forever to get me the OS disk....
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Must be an earlier version as holding down R doesn't work
you have to hold down both "command" and "R" keys

make sure you doing it right away after power on.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Trying again right now. Same thing doesn't bypass. Tries to boot normally twice and then powers itself down
are you sure you have Lion 10.7 operating system installed on your macbook air?

because command and R keys only work if you have osx Lion operating system.

if you have anything under Lion 10.7, like snow leopard 10.6 or leopard 10.5 then you need to installed it with a osx installation disc.

snow leopard and Leopard come in a dvd disc.

so try to find the mac osx installation disc and used external usb dvd drive to install it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I will need to have someone reinstall as I don't have disks anymore.

Thank you for your help.
bring to apple store, some stores install operating system for free.

I worked at Apple Store as a certified Apple Tech, I already re-install osx for customer free of charge.

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