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Hi, I have a friend who is having problems with Outlook on

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Hi, I have a friend who is having problems with Outlook on a Mac, in particular she cannot send email stuck in her outbox. I think the smtp server she was using had a problem anyway what I tried was setting up a gmail account for her so she could use the gmail smtp servers. I configured Outlook on the Mac to use, changed the port and entered her new gmail username and password. All messages sent ok.

However on sending a test mail, I received it to check and instead of it coming from her email account (which is set in the incoming server dialog) it arrived with the sender designated at the gmail email account.

I am not a mac man so fishing around a bit, but I know that if I do this in outlook on a PC I can use a gmail smtp server to send non gmail domain email without a problem.
Any thoughts about what I need to do?

Omar C :

Hello. If you use as the outgoing mail server, it will designate it as "sent on behalf of gmail." You will either need to get a Google Apps account with another domain, or use a different smtp server if you want to remove the gmail notification.

Omar C :

This only occurs when using gmail as the outgoing server when the user does not have a gmail account.

Omar C :

What is the current email address they are using? Just include whatever is after the @ symbol.


Hi Sorry forgot to come back and update as we found the problem with the original SMTP server, it was with the provider and now don't have to use the gmail account.


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