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I have a epson wireless NX420 printer and I have a IMAC 27". I

Customer Question

I have a epson wireless NX420 printer and I have a IMAC 27".
I have paired the printer and my mac couple times before with success.
Now we moved again, and I can't seem to do it anymore.
The printer does show connected to wifi _ same network IMAC has.
Imac can't find the printer at all. I now use USB and its just annoying.

Please help.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  CompExpert replied 5 years ago.
are you home wifi working?

try to re-setup your printer connection to home wifi.
the setup wizard should be on the printer's control panel.

after that depends on what operating system you installed on your imac,

go here and reinstall printer software -->>

make sure download and install "driver and utilities combo package"

just follow on the screen instruction to setup wirelss printer.

also, make sure go to apple menu --->>> software update and install all available update.

now reboot your computer and test your printer again.

let me know if that workout for you. thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
First, i did tried a few times to set up already.

1) The printer does showed wifi already.
2)I installed the driver again, but when I want to add printer, it only shows the EPSON printer with USB, not the other one (epson product Bonjour)

3)therefore, I can't add the printer. Seems like my Mac doesn't pick up the signals. I tried again with USB off - and there is nothing for me to add when I click + to add printer.

4) I can print using USB but its not ideal.

Expert:  CompExpert replied 5 years ago.
when you installed the combo package it should have the network installer in there to let you change your printer settings from usb to wireless.

go here --->>

installed Epsonnet configuration utility and used it to setup wirelessly.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did and it took me to set up all over again. I set up wifi on my printer again, but at the last step (adding the printer) - still can't find my printer wirelessly. It will show the printer if I plug in the USB but if I take out the USB, then it wont detect anything.
Expert:  CompExpert replied 5 years ago.
if you have anti-virus, spyware or internet security software make sure you disable it because it might block the connect between the printer and your computer.

why dont you try this,

go to the printer control panel which is on the printer itself, go into settings and find a IP address that your wireless network gave your printer. it should be in the Lan settings. IP address are something like this if you were successfully connected to your wireless network your printer should have one.

since you know your printer is already connect to your wireless network.
go to system preferences ---->>> printer and fax ---->> select your printer name from the list and remove it by click the (-) sign, then click the (+) sign to add, click on the IP tab and enter the IP you find on your printer, then click add.

or if your printer name already been detected on the network then just select it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This is frustrating. I am sorry, but my mac simply wont detect my printer. there is no where to be found. both you and me and missing something here.
Expert:  CompExpert replied 5 years ago.
check out this video and make sure you're correctly setup the software.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So I printed out the network status..everything pass.
But at the bottom it says:

A router /access point channel conflict has been detected.

If you have problem printing, improve your wireless network environment.

If your problem persist, see your documentation for help and networking tips.
Expert:  CompExpert replied 5 years ago.
unplugged your router power adapter for 30 seconds and plugged it back in again.

wait a little and test printing again.