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My iPad has not been updated in approx 12 months. My computer

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My iPad has not been updated in approx 12 months. My computer died and now I haven't a clue as to how to update without losing all my apps, music, phots, etc. I have an HP Netbook that I can use. But the computer I used to setup the iPad is dead.
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1.) On your iPad, go to Settings -> General -> About -> tell me the Software Version.

2.) The apps and music... Are they all purchased from the App Store?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I do not have the iPad with me at work, but it is an eaarly version, maybe 4.1 or 4.2. None of the music was purchased thru the app store...from CD's which I have on my iPod. The apps were all purchased thru the App store
Okay. You will need to get all the music and photos off the device before you upgrade anything.

You will need a program like Phone Disk (, MediaMonkey (, SharePod (, or CopyTransManager (

You will need to use one of these to get your music and photos off the iPad since you don't have the original computer that it was synced to.

Once you have gotten all the music and photos off, open iTunes ( if you don't have it) and then be sure that all the music is in the Library -> Music on the left column of iTunes (you can highlight the music folder, drag, and drop on to "Music" on the left column of iTunes to get it all there). Once you have verified all the music to be there, go to Store in the upper file menu, then Authorize This Computer. Log in with your iTunes account used to purchase the apps. From there Authorize your computer.

Once this is done, connect your iPad to your computer via USB with iTunes opened. You should see the iPad icon on the left column of iTunes. Click on the iPad icon.

Right click on the icon and select Transfer Purchases. This will bring over all the apps to your iTunes library.

Now, right click on the icon and select Backup. From there, follow the on screen directions to backup your iPad.

After this is complete, in the main window of iTunes, you should see two options in the middle of the screen, Update and Restore. Click on Update.

Allow iTunes to download and install the iOS update. This may take a while.

After this is complete, your iPad may reboot a few times.

Now, in iTunes, click on the iPad icon on the left column, then go to the tabs at the top of the main window (Music, Apps, Tones, etc.) and go through each one and check "Sync All" and then click Apply/Sync in the bottom right. Repeat until evertything is synced.

Let me know if you need further assistance.
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