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I work on a Mac and am required by the printer we use to use

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I work on a Mac and am required by the printer we use to use the OS 10.4.1. Firefox evidently upgrades regularly and now I can't use Firefox as my web browser and that is where my email account resides. Can I get an older version which will work with my computer? We publish a magazine and are under the umbrella of a parent company and the software that we are required to use to publish the magazine is compatible with OS 10.4.1 at this time, I am not sure when they will have us upgrade our Operating System and I really really need an older version of Firefox, can you help?
Hello. Welcome to JustAnswer, a paid global support site.

You will need Firefox 3.5.19 for Mac.

First, you need to delete your current version of Firefox. Click it and drag it over to the Trash.

Now, you can download Firefox 3.5.19 for Mac here ( Click on the link and wait a moment. You should be prompted to download a .dmg file. Once downloaded, double click it to install.

As far as updating your current Mac OS, you likely cannot due to having a PowerPC. You would need an Intel based system (newer machine) to run the latest OS, OS X Mountain Lion.

Let me know if you need further assistance.
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