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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 3326
Experience:  OSX certified, many years experience supporting Apple Hardware & Software
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Whenever I try to export a 14 min film from final cut pro X

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Whenever I try to export a 14 min film from final cut pro X to quicktime, the footage goes all jumpy with one particular frame from the very beginning occasionally repeating itself over and over (although when viewed within final cut pro X everything seems fine). I just need to be able to export into a format suitable to upload to vimeo/YouTube. I'm not sure what to do?

Steve Herrod : Hi I'll be happy to help with this issue
Steve Herrod : Can you confirm the version of OSX you are using? If you go to the Apple menu and choose About this Mac it should be listed there

Hi, while waiting for an answer i tried burning it to DVD and this works fine. So why cant I export it as a quicktime clip without problems/


10.7.1 version

Steve Herrod : Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX seems to be specific to the QuickTime X exporting
Steve Herrod : When you export do you have the option to choose deign t
Steve Herrod : Sorry, choose deinterlace?
Steve Herrod : When exporting are you getting a .mov file or a .mp4 file?

No- theres no deinterlace within the export options on fcp


im getting a mov file

Steve Herrod : Ok, have you tried exporting as an mp4 file?

How would i go about doing that?

Steve Herrod : When you go it file-->export
Steve Herrod : Select using QuickTime conversion
Steve Herrod : And the Save window should appear
Steve Herrod : Click on Format
Steve Herrod : And choose MPEG-4
Steve Herrod : Then name the file and click Save

The only options I have for format are appleprores, H.264, DVCPRO HD, HDV/XDCAM HD etc. am I looking in the right area?


Because my export option isnt on the file tab but the share tab

Steve Herrod : Ok, on the share tab and export options is there the possibility to choose iTunes?

No there isnt- only thing similar is an option to export and mp3?



Steve Herrod : Ok, there is usually an iTunes option or even a straight YouTube option in FCPX so is strange

there is a youtube option


but its saying its too big to upload to youtube

Steve Herrod : Ah ok, at least that answers that question
Steve Herrod : Ok, when you go to share is there the option to choose Apple Devices?

yep, there is

Steve Herrod : If so choose that
Steve Herrod : And then select Mac & PC
Steve Herrod : With the option add to iTunes
Steve Herrod : Once this has been shared it can be checked in iTunes for quality
Steve Herrod : If it works ok, locate the file on your hard drive
Steve Herrod : And it will have a .m4v extension
Steve Herrod : Rename to a .mp4 file
Steve Herrod : And upload to Youtube

Its just processing right now but could take some time- can I get back to you incase it doesnt work?

Steve Herrod : Yes of course
Steve Herrod : I'm also based in the UK
Steve Herrod : Will be away from computer for next 60 mins but let me know how it goes
Steve Herrod : You can just reply to this chat when convenient and I'll respond as soon as possible

many thanks, XXXXX XXXXX keep this page open.


many thanks it worked,

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