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Hello! My Mac (10.6.8) has Powerpoint 2004 on it. I did a

Resolved Question:

My Mac (10.6.8) has Powerpoint 2004 on it. I did a Powerpoint presentation for school where they use Windows. The text comes up but not the photos or graphics. I have read a few things on line and there's a "compression" problem. They said that pptX has completely compatability with both systems. If I buy a newer version and install it, what version should I buy? 2007? 2008? Will I be able to use my ready Powerpoint presentation, open it, and save it in this new form? What about all the other Office files I have? Will the older version work with the newer one? Please help asap. This is my senior project and I am spent from work and heartbroken that I'm not done yet. Thanks very much! Helen
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  CompExpert replied 5 years ago.

CompExpert :

microsoft only create version for mac in 2004, 2008 and 2011.

since 2008 version is old microsoft doesnt sell it anymore.

right now you can buy microsoft office 2011 for mac. It will be compatible with all powerpoint for mac and windows.

here is the link for 2011 microsoft office ---->>>

CompExpert :

if you have more question let me know thank you


If I install 2011, will it affect all the other Office programs currently on my computer?Once installed, if I open my project, will it be basically the same as when i created it? The newer program will be able to read things made by my older one, yes?I will upgrade, but I do not want to create new problems.

CompExpert :

install 2011 will update all your office product such as word, pointpoint, excel, outlook.

basically you get a new version of all those software.

but all your data will still be there and you can used 2011 to open your old 2004 powerpoint data without a problem.

because 2011 is compatible with all previous powerpoint version


I pray that this is so! Thank you, sincerely!

CompExpert :

you're welcome

CompExpert :

have a wonderful afternoon

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