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Hi, got a new Iphone 4s. Downloaded a bunch of ringtones from

Customer Question

Hi, got a new Iphone 4s. Downloaded a bunch of ringtones from my Funtonia account, which sent them directly to the Itunes tones folder. From there, I synced them to my phone. I checked before I assigned them to specific contacts (for both text alerts and ringtones) and they were working fine. I then had 2 different contacts send me texts to see if they would work. All I got was a vibrate sound when the texts came in. I rechecked the tones in my Iphone and they were working fine. Then had contacts resend test texts and again, all I'm getting is a vibration sound. I cannot figure this out!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  CompExpert replied 5 years ago.

CompExpert :

remember text tone is different than ringtone

when sending text it only used text tone.
tell your friends to call you and see if your ringtone work.

to change text tone, click on your contact name, click edit ---->>>scroll down to text tone and select the text tone you want and save it

Customer :

I have done that several times already. I am using a different song for the text tone and a different one for the ringtone. I have assigned the text tones to each specific contact by editing them. It is not working. I have checked the songs in my tones folder on my Iphone and they are playing the songs just fine (they are 30-second song clips), but when I get the text it is just vibrating. The preloaded Ipone text alert tones (like motorcycle, crickets, etc) are working fine when assigned. These tones came from the ones I downloaded from Itunes and synced to my Iphone. Again, when I check the tones in my Iphone they are playing the songs. Then I assign different songs to each contact, both as a ringtone and then a different one as a text tone, and when my contact texts me they are not playing the song, my phone is just vibrating.

CompExpert :

try this as a test

reduce your text tone to about 5 seconds

then sync to your iphone again

CompExpert :

also I think text tone is in a different format than ringtone.

text extension is .caf and ringtone is .m4r

CompExpert :

CompExpert :

import to your iphone

CompExpert :


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