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I have an ipad1, I changed my friends password XXXXX facebook

Customer Question

I have an ipad1, I changed my friends password XXXXX facebook and the password XXXXX XXXXX up invalid. I attempted to view the history list of google searches to see if I could retrace my steps but my iPad only has today's history. So my friend in her attempt to login to facebook must of deleted my history search list. How do I retrieve my history google searches for the past couple of days? Please help she is a lunatic and I need to get this fixed so I never have to deal with this person again in my life.

Is there a way to restore, my iPad is version 1 and has the original firmware as per the very first release.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Toby K. replied 5 years ago.
Hello, welcome to JustAnswer!

If you want to view your Google search history, you can access it at, after you sign-in.

Let me know if you need any other assistance. Thanks!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have reset my friends password but her account is locked for 24 hours. Can other people see see her profile and if so how do I stop her profile being viewed? Urgent situation where data needs to deleted but now I need to calm the storm and ensure that her profile cannot be viewed?
Expert:  Toby K. replied 5 years ago.
You can check to see if her profile is available by trying to view it from another Facebook account. If the account has been locked or disabled, it usually is removed from viewing by friends/public.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's not, any advice?
Expert:  Toby K. replied 5 years ago.
Have you tried signing into that Facebook account from another computer? I would try that and see if it still says you are locked out. Try that and see if the error is not because of cache on the computer.

If you are still unable to sign in, then you will have to wait until you can and then you can remove the posting you want or delete the account.

You are at the mercy of Facebook right now, so you will have to wait until they release the lock, the 24 hours.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Not happy, working with facebook based on a privacy act that can be enforced due to the nature of the personal issue and urgency so I will work with them.
Expert:  Toby K. replied 5 years ago.
Ok great. I hope they can get this part resolved for you. If you have anymore questions, let me know.