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Customer Question

First, I bought Sugar Synch and have 150 Word documents and some other stuff in the Magic Briefcase and now it's not synching from my iMac to my MacBook Pro and iPhone, and I don't have the time to call their support number (if they have one). I'm told that Evernote is easier, but I paid money for Sugar Synch and want to get it working.

Second, my iMac (three years old) is very, very slow - beach ball spinning for as much as a minute when I move from Address Book to Mail to documents. I've done the standard stuff and it's still not better. Is the only recourse now to back up and reload Lion and all my software? If I can avoid this, I'd love to, because I just don't have the time to go through all that!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  webpagesby22 replied 5 years ago.

The performance of your mac will slow down due to you syncing a massive amount of data. Which is normal. Also what type of files are you syncing in your magic Briefcase?
Because there are some issues with certain file types according to the known issue webpage from sugar sync. How long has your information been syncing? The sync time can vary also due to your upload and download speed of your internet connection

Known Issues- SugarSync application for the iPhone

Music streaming issues. We're currently investigating why some customers are unable to play music from an iOS device. At this time we don't have a workaround to recommend.

Known issues -SugarSync Manager - Mac OS X

We do not recommend syncing database files such as your iPhoto or iTunes library across multiple computers. These database files contain references to files that are often not at the same location on two computers so it may not work as expected.
The following file types are not currently supported for syncing: Outlook .pst, Quicken, and Quickbooks.
Syncing file bundles and Resource Forks across computers is not supported. These files can become corrupted if synced. You can, however, back up these file types from one computer to the cloud.
If you are using a Mac that has been formatted with a case-sensitive filesystem instead of the default case-insensitive filesystem, SugarSync may not function properly due to incorrect case of paths.
SugarSync does not support running SugarSync on Mac Server OS computers.

More information on this link