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iPad says disabled connect to iTunes.

Customer Question

My iPad says disabled connect to iTunes, there is no way to enter passcodes. What do you do to get the iPad to work or open to put passcode in?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.

Normally an iPad becomes disabled after the wrong passcode has been entered too many times.

Am I to understand that you do not have iTunes currently installed on your computer? What happens when you tried to install it?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Do I have to install iTunes to get the iPad to work again?

Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.

Does the iPad give a countdown until the passcode entry will be unlocked or is it completely disabled?

If entirely disabled the iPad must be restored using iTunes. Sadly, if you have not been backing up in some way (such as to iCloud), this means all content will be lost. Though, purchased content can be re-downloaded after the fact.

The following procedure is a special firmware recovery mode (DFU). It will re-install the iOS operating system on the device and clear forgotten/disabled passcodes.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes before attempting this:

* Open iTunes
* Connect the iOS device to the computer
* Turn off the iOS device (hold down the sleep/wake button on the top) until you see the red slider and slide the red slider across to the right OR until the device simply shuts off, if locked up.
* Hold down the sleep/wake button AND the home button (on the front) for 10 seconds
* Release the sleep/wake button but CONTINUE to hold the home button, until...
* iTunes should pop up and tell you it’s found a device in recovery mode, click ok and continue along for the restore
If it doesn’t work the 1st time, start from the beginning and try again. If iTunes *still* doesn't recognize the device, plug it into a DIFFERENT USB port and try once more.

Note: When the device first enters DFU recovery mode, the screen will be black.

At the end or the restore, you may be asked whether you wish to restore from iCloud. If you had iCloud enabled, you should do this.

Once the above is completed successfully, let me know and we can restore purchased content to the device.

If you have any questions, just reply back and we'll work it out.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have installed iTunes.

Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.
Glad to hear it. Smile

Now, follow along with the rest of the procedure and if you have any trouble along the way, just let me know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

What’s the sleep wake button and home button?

iPad has a white button on top and black shutoff button on side?

What do I do now?

Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.
No problem.

When holding the iPad vertically, the sleep/wake button is the button on the top right of the iPad (that you use to put the display to sleep or to turn it on) and the home button is the round button right below the display.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Okay, I’ll try it.

Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.
Good luck!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

What should I do now to enter the passcodes? Start a new one? It does not seem to accept my apple passcode from before.

Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.
Did you complete the previous procedure? If so, what is on the screen currently? You should not be seeing a request for a passcode.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Apple requests a passcode if I try to download a free game.

It says apple id password then my email then a white space bar to type in the apple id password and it's not taking my original one? Can I change it to work somehow so I can download games?

Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.

I see, you're talking about the password and the Apple ID now.

Check your Apple ID and password here (choose "Manage Your Account"):

If you can't log in, you can reset your password here:

John T. F. and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Now, if I had any paid games on this iPad would you know to find them or did I lose them? My twins both have iPods at 6 years old so I made a mistake buying them so young but I’m sure they bought games because my AMEX card has smoke coming from it off iTunes.

Expert:  John T. F. replied 5 years ago.

Sure, tap “Settings” and then “Store” and make sure you are signed in there with the proper ID.

Then press the home button to go back to the home screen.

Next tap the “AppStore”.

Finally, tap “Purchased” in the lower toolbar. You should see all your purchased apps there. Tap the “iCloud” download button next to each app you would like to re-download.

John T. F. and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you

More about fixing a disabled iPad

An iPad can disable after too many failed attempts when entering a password. If an iPad is stolen and someone tries to hack it, the disable feature helps protect personal information. Typically, the iPad will lock for about a minute, but each time the password is entered incorrectly the lock time will increase.If an iPad becomes disabled, often the only option would be to reset it back to the factory settings.

Typically, the easiest way to reset an iPad is through iCloud if “Find My iPad” was set up. “Find My iPad” is a feature that allows the device to be reset without using iTunes. To reset the iPad using the “Find My iPad” feature, simply log into iCloud at, select “Find My iPad”, and select “Erase My iPad.”

In case “Find My iPad” was not set up, the next possible solution would be to restore the iPad using the computer with which the iPad was originally set up and sync it through iTunes.


Sync an iPad to iTunes

  1. Download and open the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Connect the iPad to the computer using the USB sync cable that came with the device. Once the iPad is connected a phone icon will appear in the top left corner.
  3. Click on the phone icon, and under SETTINGS, there is a list of content that can be synced to iTunes including apps, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and photos.
  4. Select the type of content that needs to be synced and click sync. If the box is already checked, that content is set up to be synced.
  5. After selecting sync, other customizable option will pop up. Use those options to make sure all the content is synced.
  6. Once all content is synced to iTunes, select APPLY located in the lower right corner. If syncing does not automatically begin, select SYNC.

Set up “Find My iPad”

  •  “Settings” > “iCloud
  •  Scroll until “Find My iPad” appears
  •  Slide the dot over on “Find My iPad” and “Send Last Location” to where the icon appears green.