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authentech, Computer Hardware Engineer
Category: Mac
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Experience:  I have worked supporting computers and electronics for years.
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Hi there , Im trying to use Crackle on my iPad and have download

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Hi there , I'm trying to use Crackle on my iPad and have downloaded the App from the Apps Store and joined Crackle. However once I try to download a movie or anything I get a message that I do not have the latest version of Flash. When I click to download it I get a message saying: Thank you for your interest in AFP. Unfortunately Apple does not allow Flash Player to be installed on iPhone or iPad. What can I do now? An email to crackle just comes back saying they can't answer individual queries and I should look on their site for support. I couldn't find anything there to help me. Can you guys help me or should I contact Apple? Cheers XXXXX XXXXX

Techie_Ben :

Thank you for the question. Can you tell me what you are doing in Crackle to get this error? I do not see this problem on my end, however the iPad does not support Flash and that message is expected when attempting to view Flash content.

JACUSTOMER-wo9pydgy- : Hi Ben
JACUSTOMER-wo9pydgy- : I want to get an
Techie_Ben :


JACUSTOMER-wo9pydgy- : I want to get an App to watch movies and stuff with and I got this app from iApple. However it would not download because I don't appear to have the latest flash. Do I have to download flash as an app through Apple I wonder?
Techie_Ben :

No actually, Flash is not supported at all on the iPad or any iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch).

Techie_Ben :

So I'm wondering where in the Crackle app is it referring you to Flash content?

JACUSTOMER-wo9pydgy- : When I try and download (or watch now) a movie.
Techie_Ben :

What do you see when you touch the "Movies" menu at the bottom of the app

Techie_Ben :


Techie_Ben :

I see "The 6th Day" at the very top of the movie list.

Techie_Ben :

When I touch it and select "Watch Now", the movie begins playing.

JACUSTOMER-wo9pydgy- : + ADD TO QUEUESubscribeThe Adventures of Baron MunchausenRating: PG Duration: 2:06:30 Release: 10/03/1989 Type: Feature Film Genres: Comedy, Family, FantasyAn account of Baron Munchausen's supposed travels and fantastical experiences with his band of misfits. Starring John Neville, Sarah Polley, Oliver Reed, Uma Thurman and Robin Williams.Why It CracklesTerry Gilliam's fecund imagination overflows in a uniquely thrilling action adventure fantasy.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on DiggMorePermalinkI've also tried to watch Shampoo with the same result. I certainly don't get movies playing.
Techie_Ben :

Hmm, I do not see any of these movies listed. Can you tell me how you are finding them and I will try these specific movies on my end?

JACUSTOMER-wo9pydgy- : Can I do a screen capture on my iPad?
Techie_Ben :

Yes, just press the home button and the lock button at the same time.

JACUSTOMER-wo9pydgy- : Not too technical minded I'm afraid. Have sent you the screen capture on email as I don' know how to put it into chat if its at all possible
You need to make sure you are using the Crackle APP and not just going to the site.

The APP is available here:

It will not work by going directly to the site as that will need Flash and you can't put flash on an ipad.

Hope this helps!
authentech, Computer Hardware Engineer
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 599
Experience: I have worked supporting computers and electronics for years.
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