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I think ive screwed up all my photos just now. I found a lot of things in imag

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I think i've screwed up all my photos just now. I found a lot of things in 'images' that i thought i didn't need (3000) so i put them in the trash, pushed some button - and they are no longer seen in my iphoto library. i tried to move them back, but they went on my desktop. i put them back in trash. it's a mess.
i don't have a current time machine back up (the last was beginning of jan) - is there a way to reset, or restore the way things were for yesterday?
Hello, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.
Yes, it is but not easily nor cheap.
Since you have emptied the trash that means that the directory telling finder where those are is erased, that means data recovery that does not depend on the directory.
You have two choices, one more expensive than the other, Data Rescue software, Data rescue, is my first choice, you will need an external hard drive and take great care not to save or install or write anything to your hard drive, if you do it can easily overwrite those images you want to save.
WIthout Time Machine or some backup plan there is no going back, no undo for this.

That will cost much more than the software.
Best answer I have.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
i did not empty the trash. so all images are still on computer.
Then why did you say you had not securly emptied thr trash? That says to me that you have empied the trash.
You can do one of a few things to replace them where they belong.
If they are on the desktop then create a folder (call it whatever you like), move all images into that folder, Then in iPhoto selcet Add to Library, navigate to that folder and select all.
They wil once again be in iPhoto but not in any albums or slide shows.
If they are still in the trash then it gets much easier.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i tried the above and it just all popped back on to my desk top. all 3000 things. this did not do what i desired - which is to have the images back on my iphoto library. so i am not satisfied.
To undo what you did requires that more than a few key presses.
If you use the return from trash it will also work in any Finder window, that means that when you click on the desktop in the Finder window you can select many of the 3000 and then click the delete button, This will return them to the last location they were in, if that was the trash then that is where they will go.
Now, if you do it the Import to Library in iPhoto they will reappear in iPhoto, you will again have to sort them to where you want them.
There is no easy button for this, it requires more than a few minutes work.
If you are not happy with that answer it does not change its validity or the amount of work needed.
Wish there was an easy way but alas, there is none.
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