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i-cubed, Mac Enthusiast
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i cannot use icloud properly. I seem to have been signed up

Customer Question

i cannot use icloud properly. I seem to have been signed up as a address but want to use my old e-mail address. My mail seems to be being sent to @me'. Nor can I access Pages sent into the cloud from my mobile. How do I un'me myself and tell my laptop and phone to work with my original adress and password.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  i-cubed replied 5 years ago.

i-cubed :

Hello - This is Dennis and I'd like to help sort through some of the confusion of iCloud. As far as your mobile phone goes - do you have pages installed there too ( I assume it is an iPhone )?

JACUSTOMER-vod45pwy- :

yes. it is an iphone4

i-cubed :

One other question - on your Mac are you running OSX LION? Now with the email. Even though Apple automatically creates a unique name when you first log in to iCloud (for example - "[email protected]" ) you do not have to use it in your day to day correspondence; it is their unique identifier for the iCloud account. If you were to use the iCloud.Com to send an email, the receiver would see it came from "[email protected]".

i-cubed :

On your phone, you can still list your current email as the default account.

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