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Up until a week ago I was able to connect my Macbook to my

Resolved Question:

Up until a week ago I was able to connect my Macbook to my parents home wi-fi but cannot seem to any longer. Can you help? My mac was purchased towards the end of 2011 and runs on Lion. The modem/router is a 2wire Gateway through AT&T. Right at the time I stopped having access the 2wire went offline and had to be reset. Since that time, all other computers in the house are able to gain wi-fi access except my macbook. Strolling online I saw a post that suggested the problem may be caused by an inaccurate password XXXXX the keychain. In fact, there was an incorrect password XXXXX the keychain that I just now fixed but still cant get connected. The details of my attempts to login are as follows:
1. Open Network Diagnostics
2. Select the desired network ("Connecting..." takes forever, lights: wifi=green, wi-fi settings=green, Network settings=yellow, ISP=green, internet=red, server=red)
3. "Network Change Detected" box pops up (all lights turn red except wifi=green)
4. I click "ok"
5. I am prompted to provide the WEP Password, but it has been autoentered and shows as bullets- I hit "continue"
6. "Connecting..." takes forever
7. "Network Change Detected" box pops up (meanwhile the "Network Status" lights read: wi-fi=green, all other lights=red)
8. Box pops up "Unable to Join Wi-Fi may have entered an incorrect password XXXXX natwork name, chosen the wrong type of wireless security, or you may be out of range of the base station."

I did the same thing while manually entering the password XXXXX got the same result. I am sitting at the base station so I know I am not out of range.

Suggestions? Again, it works on my iPhone and on all other computers in the house.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Viet - Mac Tech replied 5 years ago.

Please go to the website, (if it asks for the password, then check the system password XXXXX the bottom/back of the router), then look for the network / wireless / security option and make sure the security is set to WPA2... /WPA... if available, and save, and check. If needed, set the security to disabled/none, then save, and check.

Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The passkey on the back of the modem/router does not unlock the 2wire network at the website. Also, I dont want to change the overall settings for my parents network to WPA to accomodate my computer and mess up theirs in the process. Their computers are regular laptops, not mac and they work fine under the current settings. The problem appears to be with my mac. My mac could access the wi-fi like all the other computers in the house and now it cannot.
Expert:  Viet - Mac Tech replied 5 years ago.
WPA is more secure and it's more compatible. If you remember your password, then please try to log in and check. It's easy to enter new password XXXXX any device. Thanks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I do not know what password XXXXX are referring to. The only passkey I am personally familiar with is the one used to unlock the security (which is not working on my mac). That passkey is not compatible with the 2wire website link. My intention is not to alter all other computer settings for mine. My intention is to figure out what I need to do to my mac to make it work with the 2wire the way it did up until a week ago. If my computer is all that changed I dont see why the solution should be to change everything else. I think the solution should be in the settings on my mac.
Expert:  Viet - Mac Tech replied 5 years ago.
No, if you connect the mac to another wireless network, then it would work.

Do you see any other password XXXXX the router? Thanks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I know it will work with other networks. I have used them even earlier today. There is no other password XXXXX the router, only the 10 digit bracketed set of numbers. My mac wont connect to thier router but I can get wi-fi elsewhere. Their router works fine with the other computers. At my home, my computer works fine with MY 2wire, it just has lost the ability to access wi-fi with THEIR wi-fi. Sounds like a simple problem in some user/network settings or something specifically with how I am connecting to thier router, probably user error. ?????
Expert:  Viet - Mac Tech replied 5 years ago.
That's strange. Can you remove all the wireless network names from the mac, then reconnect and check? Thanks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I don't see how to do that. I am in "System Preferences" then "Network" but dont see a way to remove the names.
Expert:  Viet - Mac Tech replied 5 years ago.
What if you click on the wireless /network icon on the top. Thanks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
If I do that it lists the networks (cant delete, can only try to connect) and offers me the chance to click "Join other network", "Create network" and "Open Network Preferences" (which allows me to select or enter a network and enter a password, not delete) Do you have a Mac? If so, can you look at what links/options are available before implying I should be able to do something that I cannot? I'm happy to follow the links, etc you tell me but would prefer that you know what's possible and can direct me to the appropriate places instead of sending me on random investigatory queries to determine what attempts are even possible. I am going to bed so you will have a ample time to investigate, etc. I will check back for further directions in the morning. If you are not truly familiar with Mac just let me know that in place of your solution so I can try another expert.
Expert:  Viet - Mac Tech replied 5 years ago.
Try: System Preferences > Network > Airport > Advanced > Airport, select a network and delete (use the - (dash) icon)

If that does not work, please try another way at

Thank you.
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