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Mac g-5 tower. 2.5mh, QUAD dual processors. 3.5ghz ram, 500gig

Customer Question

Mac g-5 tower. 2.5mh, QUAD dual processors. 3.5ghz ram, 500gig hd.
When programs(apps) like Photoshop or U tube on line begin to run there is an increase in fan speed / noise. Sounds like it's being caused by a power draw from the app. Or is it just a loose or wobbley fan?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  SalemMac replied 5 years ago.
Hi There.

The G5 chips get extremely hot. So to cool them Apple uses automatic fans. When the applications demand more processor power, the processors get hotter, and the fans speed up. That should be normal behavior. HOWEVER, your Mac is a liquid cooled model, which means that if this fan speed is more than normal, you may have a coolant leak. To check for this, take the side covers off and look around the bottom of the inside. If you see anything that looks like dried liquid than you may have a problem. If it has a leak than serious damage can occur to the processors. If you peek around with a flash light and don't see any rusty, spill mark, or neon green areas, than your probably fine. Be sure to remove the processor covers that say "G5" on them, they should slide forward. Sometime when there is a leak it will drip out the back onto the back leg.