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Daniel, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple certified on desktop and portable, help desk qualified. Have owned and used Macs since 1989.
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Hi, I cant get a picture from Apple TV2 on my TV! it drives

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I can't get a picture from Apple TV2 on my TV! it drives me nuts! I thaught that woul be easy but I definitel need serious help!
Here is my Hardware Config:

iMac i7 Thunderbolt, quad core, 2.93 Ghz, 8 GB, 1333 mhz DDR3, Hitachi 2TB, Snow Leopard 10.6.8, 1 Airport Extreme for my Network, 1 Airport Express connected to the Apple TV! Distance iMac to Apple TV is about 8 - 10 feet!

Pioneer Elite Pro 1130 HD Plasma TV, 1080i, 50" with Media Controller ProRO6U with HDMI, Input 1

SONY AV-Receiver DA5200ES with 6.1 Surround Sound

Panasonic BD60 Blue Ray DVD Player
Verizon FIOS, Motorola HD DVR QIP 72161 Set Top Box


APPLE TV 2 (second Generationm) just purchjased!


I had/have the Apple TV connected to HGMI 2 on the AV-Receiver! 3 is the DVD-Player, 1` is the Cable Box!

I am getting nothing but a black screen on my TV! My iMac shows everything in Front Row but says that I am 'not connected to the Internet, which is not correct because I am connected!! Settings look fine! I did reset the Apple TV as described, but no avail! The only thing I did not do is to restore the Apple TV via iTunes!
Any Advice what could/should do?
am going to get a Micro-USB Cable to restore the (damn) Apple TV since that's what have not done yet! Back in ~ 1 hour! Thanks in advance for your help! I am looking forward to a successful session!
Hello, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.
You have one to many AIrports in the mix. The ATV has its own networking capabilities and does not need an auxiliary unit.

Try removing the Airport Express.

I think that you will find that to be the problem.
Daniel and 6 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Daniel!
Thanks for your fast reply! Believe me that i am VERY sorry that the problem is persisting! I removed the airport express but it does not help. Btw : itunes does NOT show the apple tv box in the side bar! Wether it is connected to the TV or directly to the iMac - it does not show up and can't be synced if that does tell you anything! i am not sure wether synching would help but that it does not show prvents me from restoring it! I just did spend $20 for the micro usb cable for nothing!
in Front Row i am getting the message 'your computer is not connected to the internet! check your settings and try again!' !? I checked, my settings are correct! I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET! - how else could I communicate with you?!
What can be done here? I feel like a complete idiot! (And I do not like that a bit!)
Ok, I understand. You are not an idiot but sometimes something goes wrong.

Lets start at:
Does the ATV appear on the TV? I mean is the HDTV getting anything from the Apple TV?
If not check all cable connections (I am not trying to sound like I am putting you down, I am just covering the bases) and they are connected to the right ports.

iTunes does not recognize that the ATV is plugged into the computer?
What input is selected on the HDTV?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No, the ATV does not appear on the TV! It looks like the HDTYV does not get anything (picture or sound!) from ATV!?
Everything else (TV, AV-receiver & cable box work fine! I can watch TV from the Cable box (HDMI 1) without problem!

iTunes does NOT recognize ATV even when it is plugged directly into the computer! Because of that I can't do the restore! Is there any way to force that?

The input for the ATV on the HDTV is HDMI2 but does not show anything!

I was at the Apple Store a few days ago and it was working fine there! Go figure - it is frustrating! I hope you don't give up on me! ;-) !
No I have not given up, just had to refuel.

I am beginning to suspect that the ATV power supply has gone bad or the ATV itself has.
I say this because that big iMac doesn't see it and the TV doesn't see it and iTunes hasn't got a clue.
That leaves the ATV. I have no idea how far away the Apple store is for you but if it were me I would take to them.
It would seem that the ATV isn't getting any power, check that out as best you can.
Why did you give me a negative feedback because of your mistake?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did not mean to give YOU a negative feedback! NOT AT ALL! If anything my feedback to YOU is nothing but positive.\! The 'negative' was the only choise I had to say that the RESULT was not positive yet! There was no other way to say THAT! I am sorry but as you said before "sometimes things just go wrong and this has nothing to do with you!" what can I do to wipe out this WRONG negative??

I am following your advice and will go to tha APPLE store to have them check it out!
BtW: Knights are Men of HONOR and you are one!!!
I'll keep you informed about the outcoime of this 'wonderful' Apple TV story! :-) !
I thought as much, we have a bug in the system that shows a popup like this.

If that is what you saw I apologize, it is being worked on.
I think you can have them fix that feedback there, thank you.
Please do let me know what you find out.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Daniel,
my problem still exists! Yhe Apple Store i went to was also not able to help me since my ATV is working there just fine! It's frustrating! I must be doing something wrong - but what? So I've given up and ordered Geeksquad from BestBuy to come to my house and set it up! I am pretty sure they will be able to set it up right on Location! (At least I hope so! ;-) !) They are coming on Friday, 10/7/11 ! I certainly will let you know what the issue was when its solved!
Stay healthy and thanks for all your efforts! i will be contacting you soon!
Bad move, cancel Best Buy.
Start with your network, you should have a modem and a router with the Mac, ATV and any other devices connected to that single network.
Remove any other networking devices you have and get them all on the same page.
Then the Mac and ATV will communicate just like it does at the Apple store. What did they tell you when you described the problem to them?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your message, Daniel!

The people at the Apple Store could not tell me what/where the problem could be!
May be BestBuy is a bad move but I am done trying to make it work! So I gave it to these guys and I wll ask for a credit if they don't succeed!
My time (and my nerves! :-) !) are worth more than what BestBut costs me! My decision stands!
(A bad decision is much better than no decision!)
Stay heathy!

You may be OK, I am sure that all Best Buy techs are not bad but I haven't found many.
I am sure it is in the way your network is put together. I say this because it works at the Apple store, that tells me that it can see and sync with iTunes and all of Apples stuff is on one network in the store.
Why iTunes cannot see the ATV when cabled is a question that I cannot answer without both machines in front of me, it may be something simple but I do not see it from here.
Please let me know, I am curious to here what you find out.

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