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MacBook Pro 10.5.8, battery life getting much shorter. Also,

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MacBook Pro 10.5.8, battery life getting much shorter. Also, when I am using my GMail account and try to send a new email, it has begun freezing (several times a day) and saying I am no longer signed in. That means I lose what I had written. No one else is using my account--it's a new problem. Thanks.
Hello, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.

How old is this MacBook Pro? Do you have it plugged in most of the time?
What type of maintenance have you done on it? Such as permissions repair or things like that.
Do you shut it down at night?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It is 2.5 years old. Plugged in probably 3/4 of the time. Have done permissions repair (today) and also had to reformat the whole thing just 4 months ago. I usually do not shut it down at night.

And I am a servant also of Christ Jesus.

Will be AFK for about 2 hours, but looking forward to next step. Thank you very much.
Look in System Profiler (in the Apple menu, press the Option key, About this Mac will change to System Profiler). Select Power and tell me what you find about the battery, it will probably say Check or replace.

What is saying your are not signed in? Gmail online? I don't quite understand what is giving you that message.

He is coming soon.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Power says "check battery"

With Gmail, I will finish an email, usually a reply, and when I try to send it, the message comes up that I am no longer signed in. It says I have to sign in again. And in order to do that, I have to sign out, thus losing my email. I can't even save it as a draft.

It has not happened today, perhaps because I repaired permissions?
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The answer follows.graphic
This is why permissions need repairing.

Why we repair permissions.

Think of your computer as a set of file cabinets in an office with a private file cabinet for each employee, call them Chris and Sue.

Each employee's cabinet is locked, unless they grant specific access to drawers inside the cabinet. Each persons private cabinet has a public outbox where anyone can see what is inside but can not put any thing in, a public inbox where anyone can put files, and an open 'shared' place where files that can be used by all.

There are three categories of users for each cabinet:

1- The owner.

2- Group members and guests who have access to one or more drawers inside the cabinet.

3- Others who have access to the in and out boxes but no access to the owners drawers.

You use these categories to define Read and Write, Read only, or no access.

Repairing permissions makes sure that the correct people and applications have the correct access to the cabinets.

If these get changed (software updates do do this) or corrupted then things go where they are not supposed to and it can mean applications won't launch or run or not preform correctly.

This is especially true with system updates because if the update info goes to the wrong place it can lead to a total system crash.

This holds true even if you are the only user.

It has no affect on non Apple software and no affect on any online application. That problem with Gmail is all Gmail, I suggest using Mac Mail (postage tam) I use it with Gmail, AOL, .me and Time Warner, not that it doesn't have issues but 99% of them are from the email provider (Gmail in your case), such as time outs etc.
If there is a problem sending it goes to an out box where it tries until it goes or you stop it.
Works nice.
As to the battery, replace it, it can cause bigger issues later on if left alone.
If you can remove the battery then go get a new one from Apple online or the Apple store, or if it is the built-in battery take it in and have them do it, doesn't take long but it isn't user serviceable.

Does that help?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
A thousand people (at least) have my Gmail address. If I switch to Mac Mail, are you saying that people who send email to my old account will still be able to use it, and it will just forward to Mac Mail? I didn't know about Gmail issues.

Thank you for advice about battery. You are saying, if I understand, that "check battery" is probably just as urgent as "replace battery" in terms of the long term health of my Mac. Right? Thank you.
If you see a popup asking you to accept the answer and you cannot see the answer then click the red X in the corner.
This is a temporary bug in our system.
The answer follows.
You keep the same email with Mac Mail, nothing changes except how you interact with it.
This is an application that make interaction easy and secure, hack-proof.
I store all my contacts on my Mac and Mail can find any to use with any email account be it AOL, Gmail TW or MobileMe.

That will help explain it, it also means that any email messages are not lost if Gmail decides you are not signed in, you lose no messages for having to re-signing in.

Yes, the check battery is first warning of impending demise.
It will get to the point that it tells you that 75% is remaining and then shut down for lack of power.
Can save you lots of headaches later.
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