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Apple TV is not recognizing signals, connections seems fine.

Resolved Question:

Apple TV is not recognizing signals, connections seems fine.. Any suggestions?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mac Tech replied 6 years ago.

Rick :

What error message are you receiving?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- :I just hooked up my Apple TV last night. I did everything the setup told me to do. I waited for a few minutes and it finally showed the apple screen. I found my router and entered the password. It worked for about 5 minutes and now the screen just says to check the power and that it is not getting a signal.
Rick :

This is the small, square, black AppleTV?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Yes it is.
Rick :

How is it connected (wired) to your other home entertainment components?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : It is connected to my regular TV with an HDMI cable that they sold me at the Apple store.
Rick :

So you are expecting sound and video from the HDMI cable and will be using the TV internal speakers?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Correct.
Rick :

Sorry for the simple questions but I need to make sure we're on the same page since I can't view your setup.Sounds like you've gotten some video, did you hear any sound while it was working?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Yes I did. It recognized my iTunes library (which it it supposed to do) and I played a song or two before it stopped working. I was about to rent a movie on Netflix with it and it stopped working and just doesn't seem to be receiving a signal.
Rick :

Sounds like you did everything correct.

Rick :

Are you using WiFi or Ethernet to connect to your router?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : The Apple TV is trying to connect using WiFi. The iPads at home run on our WiFi and they are working just fine. Can't figure out why the Apple TV isn't getting the signal.
Rick :

How far is the AppleTV from your WiFi router?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Not that far. The router is upstairs in our home office and the AppleTV is in our bedroom which is right off the stairs coming down from that office. It's a guess but I would say 30 feet as the crow flies.
Rick :

You don't by chance have a long Ethernet cable?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- :I don't. Are you thinking the signal isn't strong enough? I just bought this router a couple of months ago. It is a D-Link and the salesmen told me it would more than cover our home which is about 2900 sq. feet.
Rick :

That could be part of the issue. Is the router running on "N" with WPA encryption?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Sorry, but I am just dangerous enough on this to get into trouble. How do i know if it is running on "N" with WPA. I thing it is on WPA but i coudn't tell you for sure.
Rick :

Let's try to reset the AppleTV first. Press and hold the Menu and Down buttons on the remote control for six seconds, releasing the buttons when you see the LED light on the Apple TV flash rapidly. This may work even though the Apple TV is otherwise oblivious to remote input. If not, you can reset the Apple TV by unplugging it for 30 seconds.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : This is crazy but i just came downstairs to do what you told me to do and it is working but there is no sound.
Rick :

And there was sound before?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Yes there was.
Rick :

Can you try to play a song again from your Libaray?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : That is what i was trying to do.
Rick :

Ok, you may need the latest Software Update. Navigate to here - (Menu>Settings>General>Update Software)

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : This is crazy. It stopped working again and i can't even get the Apple TV screen to show up again.
Rick :

Try resetting the AppleTV as I mentioned previously.

Rick :

Press and hold the Menu and Down buttons on the remote control for six seconds, releasing the buttons when you see the LED light on the Apple TV flash rapidly. This may work even though the Apple TV is otherwise oblivious to remote input. If not, you can reset the Apple TV by unplugging it for 30 seconds.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : The remote option did not work so I unplugged it.
Rick :


Rick :

You'll have to enter the WiFi credentials again. You should have the start-up sound and video when it boots back up.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : It rebooted but i can't even get to a screen. The error message is actually coming from my TV. it is back to not getting a signal. I can't update software or anything else without getting a signal to the apple tv.
Rick :

What make model is your TV?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Samsung. Just bought it two weeks ago. It is an LCD TV. I can give you the actual model number if you like.
Rick :

Can you plug the HDMI cable into another HDMI input on your TV?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Yes.
Rick :

Ok, try that.

Rick :

You may need to fiddle with a setting or two on the TV

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Got the picture back up but now the remote won't do anything.
Rick :

Unplug the AppleTV again for 30 seconds.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Okay. I got the main screen up again. What do you think i should do now? Now the remote does not work?
Rick :

Very strange. Do you have another Apple Remote?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : I have one for my Mac.
Rick :

That will work.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Got it. It's not working either.
Rick :

Do you want to try a Restore?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : I guess so.
Rick :

It's either that or return it for a replacement.

Rick :

FYI - You'll need a Micro USB cable.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : I don't think i have one. Is that the only way to do a restore?
Rick :

Yes, have to connect to iTunes on your Mac.

Rick :

Did you try to get up close with the remote?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Yes. When I hit a button on the remote the light flashes on the Apple TV box but nothing happens. not sure what you mean about iTunes and the Mac.
Rick :

To do the Restore, you need a Micro USB cable to connect the AppleTV to the Mac. Then you use the iTunes interface to command the firmware restore.

Rick :

You're dead in the water if the remote won't operate. The Restore could be a moot point if the hardware is faulty.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Sounds like a trip to the Apple Store tomorrow. I don't know what else to do. You have been a great help. I guess I'll try getting a new one and see if that helps.
Rick :

Do you see Video now ie - The AppleTV Menu?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : No I'm back to not even getting that. This is the stingiest deal. It did reset last time but when the remote didn't work it went to a screen saver of wildlife pictures.
Rick :

Sounds like Video is working now and the signal issue is/was between your TV and the AppleTV. Networking may be ok. But, you're not able to use the Remote which is vital for operation of the AppleTV.

Rick :

Try this one last thing.All the cables to the AppleTV for 30 seconds and turn off the TV. Turn the TV back on the plug the HDMI cable back into the TV and then plug the power cable into the AppleTV. Unplug

I hope that wasn't confusing.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : No I understood. Still nothing not even the apple screen. Frustrating.
Rick :

You had video before?

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : yes. even had sound last night
Rick :

Sounds like the AppleTV is the culprit.

Rick :

They're pretty much plug and play. All your other components are working.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : Agree. I'll get a new one tomorrow and see if i have better luck.
Rick :

Fine business. Sorry you're having so much trouble. If you want to keep this open, I'll be happy to further assist you if needed.

JACUSTOMER-j9es6oue- : I don't know what else to do at this point but thank you very much
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