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Category: Mac
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Experience:  IT Business Owner I have worked on Macs for over 14 years
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Cannot sync mobile me to iCal Tried everything!!

Customer Question

Cannot sync mobile me to iCal
Tried everything!!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  JazzyJ72 replied 6 years ago.

Jason Segale :

Hello! My name is Jason and I can help you solve your issues. I have 14 years experience and currently I have Microsoft MCP,MCSE

Jason Segale :

So Mobile me is having an issue with iCal is that correct.?..have you tried downloading the most recent mobile me panel from the Apple site and I would run your appropriate disk permissions repair from the Disk Utility to be sure your system is stable first then toss your mobile me .plist files from the Library/Preferences area (.plist files are preference files...they are not data files) and then try to sync your data again using this guide...

Jason Segale :

In fact, it sucked. Fingers crossed iCloud will be headache free.

System Preferences

Full Size Image

Open up System Preferences and click on the .Mac icon. (If you don’t have the .Mac icon, you might see the MobileMe icon – click it)

Select Your Items to Sync

Full Size Image

1. Click the Sync button in the center menu bar

2. Check the box next to Synchronize with .Mac

3. Select Manually from the dropdown

4. Check all of the boxes next to the items you’d like to Sync.

Move on to the next step…

Click the Advanced Button

Full Size Image

Click the Advanced button to open up more options.

Reset Sync Data

Full Size Image

This isn’t as bad as it sounds…FYI

1. Click on your computer

2. Click on Reset Sync Data

Switch the Sync Direction

Full Size Image

1. Select All Sync Info from the Replace dropdown menu

2. Click the Right Arrow to set the transfer – from your computer TO .Mac / MobileMe (you should see the orange arrow moving from the computer to the .Mac / MobileMe logo)

3. Click Replace to start the transfer

Confirm the Sync

Full Size Image

Click the OK button to confirm the transfer and get this party started!

Sync in Progress

Full Size Image

Now that the transfer has started…

1. The dropdown menu has been greyed-out.

2. The progress meter will be shown to the left of each item as they sync

3. You can click the Cancel Sync to stop the process

.Mac & MobileMe Sync Completed

Full Size Image

The sync is complete when the date and time are displayed at the bottom.

** NOTE ** When the sync is completed, go back to the 2nd step (Select Your Items to Sync) and change the dropdown to “Automatically.” Now your Mac, iPhone and MobileMe will always be in sync!

That’s it – Enjoy MobileMe!

Jason Segale :

sorry those pics didnt transfer over

Jason Segale :

Here is the link I used for the information:

Jason Segale :

Did this solve your sync issues if not then I would suggest using the following setup:

Jason Segale :

Syncing the Mac iCal & Address Book with Google Calendar & Contacts is extremely easy. You can sync everything in just a few minutes.

FYI: To get Google syncing with your Mac, you’ll need to buy software named Spanning Sync. I know you wanted a free solution, but believe me – this is the best & easiest way to sync your Mac with Google – and it will sync with multiple Macs. The software is $25/year or a one-time charge of $65 for a lifetime subscription. (MobileMe is $100/year)

Moving on to the tutorial…

Setup iCal


It’s very important to setup iCal correctly. Your calendar needs to be very organized to make it easy at the end of this tutorial.

  1. Setup your iCal Calendars. If you’ve been using your Mac for a while, you probably have several calendars setup in iCal. “Calendars” in iCal are the colored checkboxes in the top, left. They’re a way to color coordinate different types of events, like work meetings, birthdays, etc.
  2. Add new Calendars as needed. If you want to create a test calendar to make sure the sync works, click the plus button in the bottom, left corner of iCal and give the calendar a name.

Setup Google Calendar


Now you have to setup Calendars in Google so they match the calendars in iCal. (Remember, “Calendars” are groups of events that have a specific color. That’s it)

  1. Sign in to your Google Calendar
  2. Click “Add” under My Calendars in the left column
  3. Type the calendar name
  4. Click “Create Calendar”
  5. Click the down arrow in your new calendar to change the color. Select the same color that’s used in iCal. Example: For my Work calendar, I use the color green in Google & iCal. Birthdays are orange, Social events are red, etc…
  6. Repeat the steps until you have the exact same calendars (names AND colors) in both Google and iCal

All of the Calendars are named, colored and ready to sync. Your calendars should look similar to this image (Google Calendar on the left. iCal on the right:

[IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]293.1937172774869[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE]margin-bottom: 20px;[/STYLE][/IMAGE]

Download & Install Spanning Sync Software

Technically, it’s not “software”… It’s a preference. Either way, it works perfectly.

  1. Click here to download the 15-day free trial
  2. When the trial expires, you’ll pay: $25 per year subscription … OR… $65 one-time payment for lifetime subscription
  3. When the download is finished, the Spanning Sync window will appear
  4. Just double click on the Preference in the center of the window. That’s it!

Set Your Preferences in Spanning Sync


Open System Preferences on your Mac

Spanning Sync Preferences

Click on Spanning Sync

Sign in to your Google Account


Click “Sign In”

Google Account Password

In the popup:

  1. Enter your Google email address (make sure to include “”)
  2. Click “Sign In”

Spanning Sync Trial


Buy or use the trial?

  1. Click “Continue Trial” to try the syncing software for 15 days
  2. Or click “Buy Now” to buy Spanning Sync.

Calendars Tab


Setup your calendars:

  1. Click the “Calendars” Tab
  2. Check the box next to “Sync Calendars”
  3. Check a box next to any of your iCal Calendars

This is where the tutorial gets a little tricky.


We’re going to take this slow. Hopefully, you followed my advice and gave identical names to your calendars in iCal & Google Calendar…

  1. iCal Calendar: This is the iCal checkbox you clicked in the last step. In this example, I clicked on the iCal “Birthdays Calendar”
  2. Google Calendar Drop Down: Select the Google Calendar you want to sync with the matching iCal Calendar (from the previous step). In this example I’m syncing “Birthdays” from iCal… so I’ll select “Birthdays” in Google Calendar.
  3. Sync Method Drop Down: Select “Sync both directions”. That way, you can make changes from your Mac OR in Google Calendar and it will always update to the most recent changes.
  4. Alarms: Check the box if you want to sync calendar alarms to Google
  5. Click the “OK” button
  6. Repeat this section until you’ve setup all of the calendars you want to sync.

Double check your work!


Last Chance!

  1. This is the chance to make sure iCal Calendars (on the left) are matched up with the correct Google Calendar (on the right).
  2. If you made a mistake, you can click on the arrows to the right of the Google Calendar names to make a change

Sync, Sync Baby!

  1. Make sure your calendars are setup correctly…
  2. Click “Sync Now” to get this party started!

Keychain Warning


If you don’t see this popup, skip over this step.

  1. You might see this popup warning about your keychain
  2. Click “Always Allow” to avoid seeing this message every time you sync calendars

Sync Address Book with Google Contacts


This is a long tutorial, but we’re almost at the end. Syncing contacts is the easiest step. Here we go…

  1. Open the Spanning Sync Preferences
  2. Click on the “Contacts” tab
  3. Check the box next to “Sync Contacts”
  4. Make sure the drop down shows “Sync both directions”
  5. Select “All Contacts” OR “Selected Groups”
  6. Click “Sync Now” to send send your entire Address Book to Google Contacts

You’re done!

Now all of your Contacts and Calendars will be in sync.

Jason Segale :

If you are still exeperiencing Mobile Me issues after this suggestion then I would say the culprit lies not with Mobile Me but rather your OS X and iCAL specifically . Try running the Disk Utility and permissions repair from the ORIGINAL SYSTEM DISK by holding the "C" button after power on sequence begins and then also remove any and all .*.plist files from the System\Library and User\Library Preferences and then reboot and try it again the issue is not uncommon and many a blog or ticket has been generated over this issue...Also you could set an appointment for the "Genius Bar " folks at your local Apple store and take the machine in for a full service treatment and re-align your computers attitude will cost some coin though but they are extrememly efficient and thorough and usually can see a turn around of same day(early am drop off) turnaround and no more than 2-3 days ever ...even for the worst case scenarios

Jason Segale :

Just an option for you when all the normal routine procedures fail to relieve the problem

Jason Segale :

Let me know if you would like to have me remote into your system and take a more in depth look at the issue as I am willing to if you are ok..

Jason Segale :

Jason Segale

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