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Hi - I cannot get my mail to update from my Yahoo!POP account.

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Hi - I cannot get my mail to update from my Yahoo!POP account. I have tried all of the online help. I am getting a login error, but have checked and rechecked my userid and password XXXXX few times now, and know they are correct. I have also updated all my software, shut down a few times. Any other ideas?
Hi, it's been an alert out on the web that Yahoo and Verizon have suddenly changed how their mail settings work. These changes are the common fix, but it's important to know, the issue here is with Verizon/Yahoo and they have made a change that may impact your ability to send and receive e-mail.

A quick google search will show you thousands of people with similar issues, if you get a chance, voice your frustration with them.

Most common fix in your e=mail settings.

(1) Uncheck SSL for Incoming and Outgoing Servers

(2) Change Incoming Port Server to 110

(3) Set Outgoing Port to Default

I'm really upset with Yahoo - That was VERY dirty! They stopped support Incoming Sockets - Not cool!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Robert. I'm not sure I like the idea of unchecking SSL. Can you direct me to where Verizon / Yahoo talk about these changes? I have been on google most of the morning trying to figure out if this was a broader issue, but didn't see anything, so obviously I haven't been looking in the right place. I'd like to understand more about the issue before I implement a fix that puts security at risk.

Yahoo and Verizon do not acknowledge these issues publically.

Google this string and you'll find a large amount of information referencing these problems.

yahoo verizon pop apple mail

Good luck, I haven't found anything behind the SSL solution just yet.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Robert.

Would you know why this happened just on my work MAC, when my personal MAC, which is set up exactly the same, didn't have this issue? Also, I don't have Verizon, but from the string of discussion in Apple forum, it looks like maybe it wasn't just a Verizon issue.

Also, just fyi - be careful when you copy/paste a response from the Apple Forum directly into answering a clients question. While I'm thankful for the help, when I got out to that forum, I realized that your answer was actually from someone else on the discussion board, as you left in the last line around Incoming Sockets.