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iteachmac, The Duke!
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 865
Experience:  Mac help ,music midi expert, logic pro recording ,electrical installation ,ilife & all mac computing
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I have a mac book pro .And I down loaded skype. I could see

Customer Question

I have a mac book pro .And I down loaded skype. I could see her,hear her .But she could not see me.She could hear me ,But?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  iteachmac replied 6 years ago.

iteachmac :

Welcome ,I will give a full and clear answer to your question, please make sure to reply to any questions I have. They may be essential to my reply.

iteachmac :

Hi ,
I would like to assist your with this .

Please setup Skype to use your camera automatically .

1 Load the Skype application.

2 Open the Skype Preferences using the top screen drop down menus.

3 Click on the Video Tab .

4 Select your camera from the option "Camera"

5 Check on the Enable Skype video option .

6 Check on the Enable , when im am in call "start my video automatically".

7 Apply and close the Skype preferences.

8 Login to Skype as normal and make a video call.

If you are having problems please reboot and make sure the USB camera is plugged directly in to the Mac ,
not via hubs or the Mac "keyboard" USB ports if any.

Open the Skype application , and within the Skype Preferences for Video , make sure your USB camera is selected .
If the camera is still not found , please install this extra driver to hopefully correct the problem ,
as some USB cameras are not supported directly by OSX .

Please install this driver software :-

After Mac cam is installed please reboot , and try to select your USB camera webcam for use in the Skype application as outlined before .

Please let me know how you proceed .

If you have any problems please let me know.

I hope this helps ,

Thanks .


Example for most USB / built in webcams :

Skype Eyeball / webcam USB setup

Firstly plug in the Webcam , do not use a USB port on a Mac Keyboard or hub .
Plug directly in to the Mac USB2 ports.

1 Launch Skype

2 Open the Skype preferences from the Skype top screen drop down menu.

3 Click on the Audio tab

4 Choose Eyeball USB camera (Audio) for the Audio input choice.

5 Click on the Video tab

6 Choose Eyeball USB camera for the Camera choice.

7 Tick on Enable Skype Video .

8 Optionally - Tick on Start my video automatically.

9 Close the Skype preferences.

10 Done , your ready to make a Voice or Video Call.

I hope this helps .


iteachmac :

I hope this helps you , please remember to press accept on the "green" button , need more info? please just ask .

Thankyou .

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