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Does the Mac 10..6.7 have the necessary software to download

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Does the Mac 10..6.7 have the necessary software to download from the SonyWalkman MZ-NH900. If not can I get this or how otherwise can I download a large number of minidiscs?

F J Fishburn [email protected]
One way to do this is to hookup the MD's analog output to the analog input of your Mac (mic jack in most cases, or you could buy a card or Firewire audio interface). The downside here is still the unnecessary D/A/D conversion and if your Mac or FCP crash, you have no TC reference to re-capture the MD, you would have to re-capture it all and place it manually back into position. MAJOR headache ensues!

The most expensive and best way to bring in MD audio into FCP or any other Mac application to to buy a home MD player. Many of these home MD players feature SP/DIF and or Toslink digital outputs. You then purchase a cheap Firewire digital audio interface and transfer the MD content to the Mac digitally. It was recorded digitally and with this method, it stays digital all of the way through editing, although you would have to sample rate convert the MD audio (if it was recorded on a consumer MD recorder) to 48kHZ audio since most consumer MDs record at 44.1kHz although some of the pro MD recorders record at a DV friendly 48kHz. The downside here is cost. About $400.00 for a home MD recorder and about $300.00 to $400.00 for a Firewire audio interface with the requisite SP/DIF or Toslink digital inputs.
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