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my mac to recognize my companion 5 speaker control

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How do I get my mac to recognize my companion 5 speaker control disc for volume control. In the preference pane for sound it sees the Bose system for output but the message under the pane indicates the device (Bose speakers) have no output control and is only allowing me to control the sound with the slide bar on the tool bar at the top of the computer. The Bose control disc still controls on and off but not the volume.
Hi, can you let me know what exact Bose software you are using, did you install specific Bose software to the Mac? or are you just in the System Preferences "Sound" preference pane? ... clarify what you mean by companion 5 speaker "control disc" ... what is a control disc?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have checked the owners manual for the Bose Companion 5 system and there is no software to load. The owners manual indicates that you have to go to the Utilities folder and open the audio MIDI folder and check on the preferences for Bose for output and then configure it. It will not let me configure it even though it sees the Bose system attached. In other words, the computer is not allowing the Bose system to control volume but is keeping that within the computer itself. The audio control for the Bose is a round attachment that allows you to spin a dial to turn it up or down and to touch the top of the system to turn it off and on so you don't have to monkey with the click and drag functions of the computer. All of my software for the latest Mac OSX operating system is up to date and from the Bose company there are no downloads identified in the support section for the companion 5 computer speaker system.
Gotcha, I totally understand, and have seen this set up done a 100 times while working at the Apple Store, but to be honest, if the MIDI program doesn't "see" the device...I'm not sure what the next step would be. Do the speakers come with a USB connection or a standard headphone jack connection? I would possibily restart the computer with the device connected and relaunch the "Audio MIDI Setup" software in Utilities.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
turning it off and then back on didn't show a window I am used to seeing in the sound preferences but it seems to be working now. Thanks much and have a great day. I will send a satisfaction note on. Tom
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How do I release the money so you can get paid?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I do not see an accept box to hit or a way to give you positive feedback. I need to go to work and will check this later. Otherwise I give you permission or whoever holds the keys to the kingdom to release the funds for your expert opinion and many thanks.
Awesome's the accept box, I had to submit as an answer and I wanted to make sure you were happy first!

Glad things are working! I appreciate it!
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