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I am Downloading photos from my new Nikon 7000 and all the

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I am Downloading photos from my new Nikon 7000 and all the RAW file format photos will not download I just installed today a new IMAC and it has the new IPhoto software. The RAW quality was a mistake, so over 300 are "not recognizable format", but they are just Raw. I also tried to download the same photos on my older MSC PRO and it wouldn't download the RAW photos from the same memory chips from my Nikon 7000. I was in Hawaii and filled up 5 memory chips, and the first two had raw formats that were not recognizable! My camera sees the photos but the Mac does not read....OUCH? What can I do to download the miassing RAW format photos. Maybe Nikon made an error as RAW from my old Nikon D3 reads fine? Thanks BIll Brehm. An IPhoto and Mac fan!

Hi Bill,


To be honest there is not a lot that can be done at this point as Apple have not added support for the D7000 raw format to iPhoto or OSX yet


Basically every cameras RAW format is different, Not just every brand but every model is different so it usually takes a little time befor a supplier like Apple can add suppoprt for all versions of a manufacturers hardware.


If you had access to a Windows machine you could use the Nikon software to import RAW and then convert to JPEG then transfer them to your Mac but for the minute all you can do is wait until Apple release the next update for iPhoto which should include support for your D7000.


Sorry that we cannot be more help, however all we can suggest would be to check for updates and then after the next iPhoto update is released (usually about 1 per month) you should then be able to download your pictures.


Let me know if you need more info




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