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Allow me to start out by saying I am an invalid with Epilepsy

Customer Question

Dear Sir, I am xxxxxxxxxxxx Allow me to start out by saying I am an invalid with Epilepsy as my main problem and could do with your help and or advise please? Because of the fits I have not been able to use my 4 month old (approx") WD. My Book. I have a 17" Mac Book Pro which has Snow Leopard OS. The item I have is brand new and I got it from the Apple Store in Regent Street in London. I got it and all the leads and stuff out of the box, then over several months had a series of bad seizures and have been in hospital for two months. I have lost a large part of my memory, that is my personal memory in my head! LOL! I found the cable to attache the External drive to my router but, nothing else apart from the external drive. I know this sounds really odd, but my life and organising things is kinda screwed up since the hospital stay. I have no idea where the installation CD is or any more of the cables other than the power cable to the router I assume? Can you send me, or tell me how much an installation CD would cost please? If you reply which I hope you do, I will answer with my serial number and anything else I can see on the back of theXXXXX My Book. I am really confused. I am not stupid, just very confused. I thought I would be coming home to the flat where I live alone, un-packing the My book external drive and follow the instructions, but I must have taken it all out of the box before I was found on the floor of my flat after the first fit in a whole series of fits. There is the Instruction/installation CD, and, one other point. How do I open the actual 'My Book' to, if necessary renew a broken drive? I have checked on-line on you tube, and all the boxes I have seen have been from the USA and they has a piece of flexible plastic which I should press and the 'lid' pops up. Trouble is my 'My Book' does not have an indentation or any visible lever to move. How do I get it open to replace a broken drive? FYI: I line in NW London in the UK.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  robgranholm replied 6 years ago.
Hi I just wanted to clarify we are not Apple, we an online company only called Just Answer.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Dear Sir, I am confused and for that I apologise. I live in invalidity benefit and tried to sign off when I realised it would cost me 28 pounds for a basic answer. That is almost one weeks money for me, but when I tried to recover the card details it said it had already taken the money. I had a fir soon after so had to go to bed so could not continue the discussion. Can you confirm or not whether you will be taking the money from my credit card. I really can't afford it. I thank you. By the way, I am also asking because I do not want my bank details floating about the web! I thank you. xxxxxxxxxx

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