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My ipad is stuck in an on off loop. It goes back and forth

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My ipad is stuck in an on off loop. It goes back and forth between the slide to unlock page and the black screen with the apple logo. I am ready to go back to paper back books!
Hello and thank you for asking your question, with
I am Sr. Mac Tech Support Specialist, Terry, glad to assist you.

**Please note: An "Answer" by me, or an"Accept" from you, does not mean
the session has ended. So please remain patient with me and I will work
diligently, to resolve your technical question to your satisfaction.-Thanks!*

Could you provide me with the following information, so I can better assist you with your technical question:

• When you held the Sleep and Reset buttons, how long did you hold them for?

• Are you familiar with the positional orientation lock on your iPad and have you tried locking or unlocking that setting?

Your answers to the questions I have submitted, will allow me to work with more detailed information, in order to effectively answer your question.

II will be looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I held down both buttons until the screen went dark and stayed dark. The button on the side that used to be the lock now seems to think it is a mute button.
Thanks for your reply, that is just want I needed to know.

This may just be an issue with your orientational lock on your iPad that is giving you grief.

• To unlock the positional orientation on your iPad:

• Locate the small screen rotation lock switch on the right side of the iPad. The switch is situated above the volume controls.

• Slide the switch downward to lock the screen in its current orientation. A small lock icon will appear on the iPad's status bar when the screen rotation is locked.

• Slide the switch upward to unlock the screen rotation.

Let me know if this helps.

This is my first answer, but certainly not my last, as long as this issue remains unresolved.

I will be watching for your reply.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I had previously played with this button and it gives me a mute icon rather than a lock icon.

In the meantime,while I was waiting, I was trying to turn the ipad off again and I got as far as it showing me a picture of an usb cable ---> itunes logo. My itunes on my computer says: my ipad cold not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1644). Now what? Jona

Thanks for the update Jona,

Here is a process I want you try in order to get the Restore function to work
in restoring your iPad.

• Plug your iPad into your computer or notebook.
• Once again hold down the Sleep (Power) and Home buttons for 10 seconds, until the iPad screen goes black.

• After a 10 second count, release the Sleep button but keep holding the Home button.

• While doing this, you should hear a Beep! indicator --letting you know that your
iPad is plugged in.

• At this point, now click restore in iTunes

This is another way to restore your iPad. So try this and if you are able to restore your iPad successfully, make sure to update to iOS 4.3.1 in order to make sure your iPad is back to its optimum state.

Let me know if this helps. I will be here and watching for your next reply.

Thanks for your patience thus far.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have tried this twice already, but will try it again. The last 2 times it went throught the whole process of supposedly restoring my ipad, but then went right back into the loop. What it the next thing to try? Do I take it back to the apple store or do you have another idea if the third try isn't the charm?
I think I have an idea now of just what is going on, but I need your help for a moment.

What do you see on your iPad's screen and also do you see the mute button icon or the lock icon?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

It's flickering back and forth between "synch in progress" page and the black and white apple logo page. And the switch logo is a mute button not a lock. Jona

Sorry for the delay Jona. I have been sitting here picking my technical brain about what the could be causing the issue and Yes, I would like you to one last time:

Try an reset your iPad once more (not connected to the computer)
Remember to press the Sleep and Home button for only 10 seconds.

Tell me after you perform this process for a 3rd time, exactly what you see on your iPad.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I turned it off using the home and power buttons last night because the constant loop beep was bugging me. This morning when I tried holding the two buttons for 10 seconds again, I see a black screen with the silver apple logo on it, which after a few minutes turns back into the "slide to unlock" & apple logo loop. Jona
Hi Jona and thank you for replying back to this session once again.

I am glad you took some time last night before getting back to me, just to see if the iPad, after the 3rd reset attempt worked. Now as I understand from you, it is still looping.

That is all I need to know. This is not a normal issue and appears to be combination iOS Software and hardware issue with your iPad. It does not take alot of steps to correct an iPad software issue or functionality problem. This needs hands on tech support for sure.

I would recommend you take this in to your local Apple Retail Store to have them check your iPad by performing a diagnostics to see what could be causing this continuous loop, with no effort tried has worked to stop it.

Just for your reference, I have taken the liberty to provide the store locator link to your local Apple Retail store so you can make an online reservation with the Genius Bar in your area, based on zip code.

Apple Retail Store (Genius bar)

If you have more questions Jona, please don't hesitate to reply back to this post, as I am a always glad to assist as much as I am able.

Thank you again for following up and updating me on this issue.

Sincerest Regards,


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have taken the ipad in to the store twice now. The first time they fixed it and had me restore from backup, but 1/2 way through the restoration the problem came back. This time they want me to tell my laptop that this is a new ipad in the hopes that it won't "restore" the problem along with the normal data. If that doesn't work I am supposed to uninstall itunes on my laptop and reinstall. Then try again. Sigh..... Jona
Hi Jona and thanks for the update.

As it stands it appears that this issue is really becoming a thorn in your side.

When you say they, are you referring to an Apple Store, AT&T or Verizon Wireless store?

Have you asked them to simply replace the iPad for you?

Let me know when you can.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I didn't have to ask. They said if this didn't work then they would replace it. Luckily telling my laptop that this was a new ipad did the trick. Of course then I had to go into settings and re-connect to my wireless router, change my backdrops, and rearrange my apps etc, but that actually didn't take too long. Let's hope I never have to repeat the process! Thanks for all your help. :-) Jona

Fantastic! That is what I was hoping would be the resolving process to stop the looping Jona.

Thanks for the Accept and the update! If I can be of assistance again, please, feel free to come back to and ask Mactechtrainer any question regarding your Mac products.


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