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Vinod Menon
Vinod Menon, Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 2867
Experience:  worked as a Tech support Associate for Apple products
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I have a one week old iPad & have downloaded a number of TV

Customer Question

I have a one week old iPad & have downloaded a number of TV shows from iTunes . As I watched one using the Video App it suddenly stalled, then went blank. I have restarted & revolted and still get nothing on the screen. Because of that I can't get in to any other videos to see if it was a defective video or the Video App.. Can't find any help in the online manuals.
Thanks for your help.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Vinod Menon replied 6 years ago.

Ipod Specialist : Hi
Ipod Specialist : I am vinod. I will try my best to help you resolve the issue
Ipod Specialist : Did you try a reset by pressing and holding the home and the power button together?
JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Yes I did that.
Ipod Specialist :

You will get the apple logo between 5-15 seconds when you hold both the buttons together. Did you get any apple logo?

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Yes--I git
JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Yes I got the apple
Ipod Specialist :

What happens after that? Are you still getting an entirely black screen?

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Only b
JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Only black when I click on the Video App Icon
Ipod Specialist :

So you are having the problem only when you click on the video app icon, correct?

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Correct
Ipod Specialist :

So if you try to play the videos not using the video app, do they play fine?

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Where else can I try to play them? They r no longer located in the ITunes App
Ipod Specialist :

So the videos are not there in the ipad, is that what you mean?

Ipod Specialist :

Did you check in the videos section?

Ipod Specialist :

you there?

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : I'm sure they're there but dont show up in iTunes downloads or 'purchased'. Once they completed their downloading I could onlynget them in the video app. When I click on the app there is nothing but dark. No header with the normal 'AT &T time or battery level & yes I checked in the video section but there isn't one. Just downloads, podcasts, music etc
Ipod Specialist :

ohh ok

Ipod Specialist :

Give me one moment please

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : T hank u
Ipod Specialist :

Is "video app" something which you downloaded from the store or was it already there when you bought the ipad?

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Already there
Ipod Specialist :

May be we need to restore the ipad to factory settings. Before that let me search for alternative and much easier solutions

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : I bought the iPad from an Apple Store & have not downloaded anything but tv shows from itunes
Ipod Specialist :


Ipod Specialist :

Did you download them directly to the ipad or transferred from the computer?

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : t
JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Directly
JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Have not synced with anything at this point.
Ipod Specialist :

ok. give me one moment her

Ipod Specialist :


Ipod Specialist :

Double click the home button.

Ipod Specialist :

then scroll over to the play button and press it. This may resume a movie and allow you to return to the videos list by clicking done button in upper left corner.

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : I'm at a convention in Las Vegas & have to be up in 4 hours. can you keep looking in to this ror is there a case # where In
JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : I can check in tomorrow.
Ipod Specialist :

We don't have a case number. You can bookmark this web page and get back to me once you are back. Before that I would suggest you to do this - double click the home button. This will give some icons to the bottom of the screen. Just swipe your finger from right to left. Click on the play button shown there

Ipod Specialist :

Let me know if that does not work. I will check for other solutions and post it here

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : There are NO buttons. The screen is entirely blank edge to edge
Ipod Specialist :

Reset the ipad again. Once you are in the home screen, press the home button twice. Don't click on the videos app before that

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Will do
Ipod Specialist :

Reply once you are back and let me know whether that step helped or not. Meanwhile, I will search for alternative solutions and post it here.

JACUSTOMER-n911k0lm- : Tried that step to no avail
Ipod Specialist :

sorry to hear that. I found in the apple discussions forum that a number of customers having this issue. This is one of the steps that worked for them -
go to the "iPod" app.. i.e. NOT the "Video" app.. play a video there (not the video that was playing when the video app got stuck.. might try a few if the first one doesn't play).. i can confirm that it works with a movie.. others have said it also works with a video podcast.. but it can't be the same movie that was playing when the player got stuck.. play it.. then go back to the video app and the movies should be listed there again..

Ipod Specialist :

This is the website I went to -

Ipod Specialist :

If that step doesn't work, reset all settings on the ipad. Go to settings > general > reset > reset all settings.

Ipod Specialist :

Issue resolved???

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