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I am trying to build a spread sheet to organize my taxes (expenses

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I am trying to build a spread sheet to organize my taxes (expenses and income). I am a long-term HP used but now have a MAC and I am struggling with format. Can you recommend a tutorial for me?



What is not holding? and what are you trying to do when you right click on a cell?


Are you able to type formulas in the cells?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
When I try to format a cell for text or number it does not always hold that format.
If I want to put in a date such as 1-5 ( leaving out the 2011 because my header includes the year: 2011 so I don't need to enter it. Also, How do I format the column to format to the right, left or center? The computer seems to want to add two numbers after the decimal even though I try to program it to omit the decimal.
I want to be able to omit $ signs if possible.

I see.


Ok to set the cells to show 1-5 for 1/5/2010, select that cell then go to Format > Cells, then click Custom from the Category list on the left pane, then type the following in the field on the right:




then click OK.


Now type a full date in that cell, i.e. 1/5/2010 and you will see the cell displaying 1-5


Try that and let me know so we can go to the next part of the question




Edited by John D on 2/5/2011 at 9:00 PM EST
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Now with regard to the decimals,select the cells or columns that you want to format without decimals, then go to Format > Cells, then click Number from the Category list on the left pane, then type 0 in the 'Decimal places' field on the right. Click OK


Let me know if you still need help with this



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