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i purchased a home media unit at costco. i have connected

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i purchased a home media unit at costco. i have connected to my router switch and have 4 imacs connected to the home media. 3 of the computers are intel processor based computers and they have all deposited movie files and or documents to the home media. The remaining computer is an imac G5 running OS 10.5. The harddisk will not accept any files on the the G5.
Hello, and thank you for asking your question, with

I am Sr. Mac Support Specialist, Terry, glad to assist you.

(Please Note: In advance I appreciate your Accept. However, your feedback is a very important determination of how I provide service to you, so please complete the survey at the end of this session- Thanks!)

To assure that I understand your question, are you attempting to make an external iomega hard drive readable for your iMac G5.

• Also, what brand is your Home Media unit?

Your answers to these brief questions will aid me to better assist you in your question.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX your reply.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the brand is iomega home media 2T internet harddisk. It is connected to a switch on the home network. as i have stated 3 computers are intel based imacs. i have stored movies and documents from the intel imacs. the fourth is an imac G5. i bought the imac G5 used. it came with 10.5 OSx loaded on it. when i try to move a file from G5 to the harddisk the movie or any other icon shivers and never opens. i have moved a movie from the harddisk to the G5.
Thanks for your patience.

Now in considering this issue you are having, what other files have you tried aside from iMovie. And when you mention the icon shivers, are you referring a desktop icon for the Iomega Media 2T Internet hard drive?

Also have what format have you set the iomega up as?
Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or MS DOS?
One more thing I forgot to add in my last post:
This may be a permissions issue between your G5 and the Iomega home media unit, which is why I am asking select questions to determine what the issue may be.

Thanks again for your patience, I will be watching for your reply.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
no imovie. all the files as mpeg files. only mpg files are on the G5.
when i say shivers. under 'finder' i select the G5 'documents' i select an mpg file with the mouse and i pull it to the iomega-0a4996 on the finder that opens a secondary set of icons. one of the icons is movie. it is when i pull the file over the icon for movie that the icon shivers and never opens.
the iomega is set up under mac i do not know what you mean when you say mac OS extended (Journaled) i plugged it into the switch and put the iomega disk into an intel based imac. i used the disk on each imac in the system.

permissions is a topic a friend raised. i don't know how to describe my comparison.
i pulled a specific file on the G5 and a neighboring intel imac. the first line on each file said read and write.[i did not specify the name in each case becasue he name differed] below that was everyone read. however the G5 had a third line and that was (unknown) read
Thanks for being so detailed on this Customer.

You gave me the clue I was looking for in your two previous posts. You explained that you used the software for that came with the iomega HD on your 3 Intel-based iMacs.
You were not successfully with that software installing on your G5.

What this means is that the Intel Macs have been set up with the Iomega software to read the Home Media unit, where because the G5 could not be installed with that installation software (if I understand this aspect per your previous explanations), this may be preventing it from having the same Read/Write permissions as the other 3 iMacs do.(This is still speculative at this point, but I am researching that possibility).

I mentioned the format "Mac OS Extended (Journaled) because that is the required format that makes the hard drive readable and writable with Mac computers. MS-DOS is the FAT32 format on the external hard drive that makes it readable and writeable for both PC and Mac systems.

This is why I was inquiring as to what format the Home media unit is setup for because the iMac G5, like your other 3 Intel macs should be able to interact with the media unit with no issues. Especially considering the iMac G5 has Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installed on it.

So, to start on the path to correct how the G5 interacts with the Home Media unit, run Disk Utility to repair any permissions issues on the iMac G5 first.


Go to Finder Menu bar
• Click Go > Utilities > Disk Utility and open up Disk Utility app.
• Click on Macintosh HD volume (or on the name you have changed
this volume to.)
• Select "Repair Disk Permissions"

*Let Disk Utility run this repair permissions until completion

Once Disk Utility is complete and there are no errors in red in the completion summary (if there are errors listed in red, re-run DU to see if those error will clear- if they don't reply back to this post right away and let me know what the exact error message is), quit Disk Utility.

• Attempt to drag iMovie files over to the Home Media unit once again.

If this process does not help, then right click on one of your iMovie mpg files, select "Get Info" and under section entiled "Open with" make sure iMovie is selected.
• If it is not, do so and then select Change all, so all mpgs can function the same way with the iMovie application.

• Finally make sure iMovie application remains in the Application folder of the iMac G5-- moving that application from the Applications folder, can hinder its ability to launch or open any files.

•Now try again to drag one of the files into the Iomega Home Media unit.

Let me know if either of these methods helps.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thanks for your thoughts let me work a little bit. i have ran disk manager and selected repair permissions. immediately after doing that i tried transferring. it failed.

i tried the right click routine. the choice was quick time player. you see these are not home movies. i used eyeTV to pull movies playing on the television and make a file. From eyeTV i choose export which makes the mpg file. from there i pull the mpg file into a product called toast to burn a dvd. so when turner classic movies plays 'Casablanca' i use eyeTV to capture the movie and i ready it to burn a DVD. I wanted the ioomega to keep these movies. i checked the adjacent intel based computer and its files also open with quick time player
Thanks for the update.

Not to worry, I will work with you until we can get this issue resolved. I also happen to be the owner of an iomega- a 1TB model, setup to be accessed in a mixed network (Mac & PC) environment, so your iomega issue with the iMac G5 is hitting close to home for , because I have an iMac G4 as well an Intel iMac which access the iomega, with no issues.

So be assured when I say, if I could get my two Macs to work, I am determined to help you get your G5 working with your Iomega Home Media unit.

That is what is getting me- the file formats you are using are fine and that drive should take any file format, so long as the files are not corrupted.

With that I would like you to create a new user and see if you can import any files from that new user account into the Home Media unit.
I am suggesting you try this, only because I need to know if your iMac G5 is not allowing file transfer as the result of being a user account specific problem or a system-wide problem (affecting all users) on your iMac.

Here is the process for creating a new user account for troubleshooting:

font.f1 { font: 12px Times; }
-CREATING A NEW ADMIN USER - (for troubleshooting purposes)

• Click on the Apple menu icon in upper left corner of your screen. Now select System Preferences from the drop down menu.

• From within System Preferences, select Accounts
• When the Accounts window opens, click on the padlock icon
at the bottom left corner and enter your Admin User
password XXXXX your Mac, when the dialog box pops up.

• Once you have full access to the Accounts window, click the "+" button, which is located just above the padlock you just clicked.

• Create an new user with the User name "test" and use a password XXXXX "test or "password" as a generic password.

• Make sure to click the check box for " Allow user to administer this computer", to make sure that the test user has full Administrator rights.

• Once you have committed this new user, quit System Preferences and close all windows and applications.

• Now once again, click on the Apple menu icon and select
Logout <your username>, located at bottom of the menu, and you will be logged out.

•From the login window that you are at now, select the New User account you just made and with your generic password, log in to that account.
• Once logged in, then proceed to attempt an transfer a picture file or any file for that matter over to the Home Media unit.

Let new know what happens.

I will be watching for your update as before.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
holy cats i really screwed up
i created test with the password XXXXX password
i selected test as the admin but now the documents where the movies were filed has only a test file. i don't find the movies anywhere in the available folders.
That's ok actually. You are in a new user account. So you won't be able to access those files because they belong to the user account of your original login.

What I recommend you do for this test however, is to go back to your original login account, take one of your mpg files right click and copy it.

Then to get it to your new user account, simply double click on your Macintosh HD and select the Users folder.

Locate the New User admin account you just created, open the folder then locate and open the Public folder, and locate the Drop Box for that new user.

• Now take the copy of the mpg (or several copies- if you want to test multiple mpg files) and copy and paste or drag and drop those copies in the Drop box.

• You won't be able to open those files from your original user. You can now go into the new user, open a new Finder window, go to Public >Drop Box and open the Drop Box and you should now see the mpg files you copied into the Drop Box from your original user account.

Now you should be able to test those mpg files, safely with your Home Media unit.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks sooo much for all your patience during this process, I will keep on working with this for you, until you get a sound resolution.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thanks for your patience. i moved an mpg file to shared. i have a problem and i'm sorry to ask for so much hand holding. I find the file in the test drop box. test does not have the button at the top for iomega. it is a simple matter to put in the disk and select 10.5 & 10.6 to install the media but i wondered if you wanted a different set up for this test
No worries at all- It is my job, to aid you in getting to the bottom of this mystery, so it is my pleasure.

So tell me, are you able to install the Iomega media on the new user account of the iMac G5? I am not sure if I ever established any confirmation from you about that?

And to answer you last question, you are ok to set up this user the same way you did your original user account, because I want to see if there is a pattern on this G5, with the new user account, in order to see if it can see the Home Media unit where the original user account does not.

So no worries in that regard, I am looking to find out what we can do, to get your iMac to see your Home Media unit.

By the way, where again do you have your Iomega Home Media unit connected? (on another iMac, another device, etc)

Also are you using a wireless router in your network? If so, what type of wireless router?

Give me an update when you can.

Thanks again!


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
well carumba. i slipped the disk into the drive and hoped for the best. the screen came up and i chose 10.5 & 10.6. the various authorization screens came up and i answered all of the choices but in the end it said it failed. It could not write some of the files to the harddisk "\ applications. i went to applications and the icon for home media is showing there but the little button on the top has not appeared.

your other question. there is a story there. i purchased the harddisk and plugged it directly into the usb port of an intel computer. the harddisk ran and i assumed it backed up everything but actually nothing was happening. i finally broke down and read the instructions. I bought a rj45 plug and took the harddisk to my office (a converted clothes closet) I have a modem for the internet that directly connects a pc and that modem has a wireless hub that i use for a printer and a laptop. i took up the remaining rj45 port on the modem and ran a cable to a switch where my 4 imacs are connected (3 intels and one G5)
the lone pc has an attached backup disk and will not use the iomega harddisk.
these computers are slowly driving me mad.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i remain at point zero. i switched users and removed the setup. i went back to test and applied the 10.5&10.6. the result was the same. the harddisk did not accept the transfer of the file in test.
Hi Customer, and thanks so very much for your patience. I know you have endured much on this issue, so I took some time most of today, just to think about how to attack this issue more efficiently for you.

As a result, what I have come up with is a way to allow your Iomega 2TB Home Media Unit, to finally be accessible and Read & Write capable to all of your iMacs, including the uncooperative iMac G5. Below I have provided a suggested idea of what you could do, in order to get this issue resolve. I must advise you however, it would require some changes, including the removal of some components and the adding on of a new device.

This method I am recommending, only because it worked for me when I could not get any other router to work for me. I am suggesting you turn your existing network into an Airport Extreme (or Express) network. Why you might ask? Because it works!

Not only is the Airport easy to add to your existing network, it is an excellent access point, allowing all your Macs, including the G5, to communicate effectively with both Read & Write permissions (so long as the Iomega is formatted properly as an Mac OS Extended (Journaled) hard drive).
What's even better, the Airport Extreme can connected with your Iomega, via USB, thereby allowing the Airport Extreme to turn the Iomega into an "Air Disk" or wirelessly networked drive. Trust me when I say, it really works well and is not that difficult to set up.

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So review this suggested layout and if you are interested in knowing more about Apple's own Airport Base Station routers, here is the link:

Let me know what you think.


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