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MacTechTrainer, Sr. Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple Certified Desktop & Portables Technician, A+, Cross-Platform (Mac/PC) Tech - for over 14 Years
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Hi. I have an IPOD that I bought 29.6.10 from Officeworks.

Customer Question

Hi. I have an IPOD that I bought 29.6.10 from Officeworks. I went back to them, they said to contact you :) the IPOD was working fine then suddenly died. Lost all music etc. Messages said Memory full when I got it working again but there is nothing in it. Battery said low when it was full, now cannot get it to fully charge ( or it does not show it ). Trying to turn it off totally but it just goes to sleep mod.
Desparately need help :) Denise XXXXXXXXXX
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 6 years ago.
Hello, and thank you for asking your question, with I am Sr. Mac Support Specialist, Terry, glad to assist you. (Please Note: In advance I appreciate your Accept. However, your feedback is a very important determination of how I provide service to you, so please complete the survey at the end of this session- Thanks!)

What I would recommend you attempt first is to take your iPhone and disconnect if (if it is connected to your computer) and then press and hold down the Home and Sleep button for exactly 10 seconds. Once you see the screen go black, then release the keys as your iPhone will now be restarting up resetting in the process.
Once you have done this, reconnect your iPhone to your computer and then attempt to resync your iphone, let me know when you reach this stage.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX your reply.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No this does not help as the ipod will not turn off. This is why I cannot reset it.

I have just made an appointment to go into Apple store because your answers will not be able to help me if I cannot turn it off.


I cannot therefore accept your answer. I do not want to pay for this as it is not helping me .


Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 6 years ago.
I have not quite begun and that is not my final answer, it is only the first.

This is why I am here to provide technical advice for you in an effort to help you resolve your iPod issue. If you would like to still give this a try, please let me know, otherwise I will honor your request and opt out.

In order to provide you support for your iPod, as this is an email/chat-based service, we can only work as far as you are willing to.

So please if you would, let me know if you wish to continue this consult or if you do not, I will end the consult.

Thank you.

Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 6 years ago.
I am going to Opt out of this consult now.

I hope the Apple Store will assist you in resolving your issue with your iPod.

Sincerest Regards,

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Terry.

Thank you ..... and yes, I have spoken to the tech at the Apple Store and I believe they will be able to solve this issue for me.


I want to opt out of this Just answer as well so accept your last reply




Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 6 years ago.
No worries Denise. I am glad to assist.

I have used VPN myself for a few years now and believe me it works great.. when it is setup and configured correctly!

So when you do get set up and if you find you still need more assistance, simply ask for "Mactechtrainer" and I will be very glad to assist you.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you.

Warmest Regards,


Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Thank you for reply.

I need to ask if I have to pay still for this service as it has not resolved the IPOD issue...but when I tick Accept your Answer it automatically says I will be charge to my Visa.

Can you please let me know who I contact on this as it does not give any other options other than to reply to you.



Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 6 years ago.
No worries Denise, you can cancel this request by contacting [email protected] and they can return your deposit back to you.

I have set this information to you as a "Need More Info" reply instead of an Answer, so you don't accidentally hit the Accept button.

But again, just send your cancellation request to the Customer Service via the email above and they should be able to credit your Visa back with the deposit.

Hope that helps.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dear Customer Service.

I could not resolve the issue I have with my IPOD by using this internet service so I have spoken to Apple Store and organised to take my IPOD into them on Saturday. I therefore do not want to push your accept button as I do not need to pay.

So please credit my deposit back accordingly.

Thank you