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I copied all my cds (then threw them away) onto my ipod and

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I copied all my cd's (then threw them away) onto my ipod and then bought thirty songs from itunes. I then had a virus on my computer and had my computer reset to manufacturers settings. I didn't make a copy of my itunes library because I thought I could just resync my ipod to a downloaded itunes. When I plugged my ipod in, it asked for my password XXXXX only recognised the songs that I'd recently purchased, not the majority of my music which I'd copied off cd's purchased over the years. Is there any way I can get all the songs on my ipod onto an itunes library? If I can solve this problem I would like to purchase more itunes to add to my ipod.




First of all to transfer songs that were not purchased from iTunes back to your machine from your iPod you will need to purchase a small software program like iPod to Computer which is a simple program that will let you move all your songs and other files back to your PC,


You can donload the free trial from here and the upgrade to the full version will cost $25.00




Then you can contact iTunes to re download your songs a single time, Basically iTunes understand that things like this can happen and allow you to request a redownload of your purchased items one time. You will need to contact iTunes support by emailing them by filling in this form


Once they receive your email they should allow your account a one time download licence for all your content.


Let us know if you need more info or if you would like help trying to move the files.






Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I've downloaded the software and managed to copy the music to a folder on my computer but can't figure out how to get them into my Itunes library. If you can help me with this I'd be happy to accept your answer and give you positive feedback.





Do you know what folder the music is stored in?


If so can you open iTunes and maximize it so it fills the desktop.


Next can you open the folder that holds all your music and then make the folder view smaller so that it sits partially over the iTunes window.


Once you have done that can you click the music folder then press CTRL+A on the keyboard to select everything and then drag it to the itunes music library and let go




Once you do that the music should all move back to iTunes.


After it has all moved can you then click File then Library and choose organize library and then choose consolidate and let it run.


This will move all your music back to the correct folders.


Once that is done let me know if it all looks correct.



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