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iteachmac, The Duke!
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Mac help ,music midi expert, logic pro recording ,electrical installation ,ilife & all mac computing
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My passport works fine on my imac but is not showing up at

Customer Question

My passport works fine on my imac but is not showing up at all on my powerbook G4. Not even in disk utility. What can i do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  iteachmac replied 6 years ago.

iteachmac : Is the hd an external usb with no power supply needed , it maybe the case that the hd does not have the power to spin and open correctly .try each USB port on the mac , one at a time.
iteachmac : Use a external pus with the hd is possible.
iteachmac : The USB port on the g4 maybe USB 1 , it may not use USB 2 hds .
iteachmac : You are always better off using FireWire hdds with macs .
iteachmac : You can buy a USB and FireWire hdd caddy , to house a hdd for use with either connections. Bus powered on USB is not a good idea for hdds , ...
iteachmac : Try otherworld computing for good mac solutions for hdds .
iteachmac :
iteachmac : If the files are small that you want to move you can use drop box , see drop
iteachmac : You can join via this link ,
iteachmac : In a free account you will get 2gb free space to share files .
iteachmac : Does this help?
iteachmac : Thanks.
iteachmac : Dont use the mac on battery power alone when using bus powered divices , it may help.
JACUSTOMER-pnoigjcc- : This didn't help. How do I get myoney back?
iteachmac : What else do you need to know?
iteachmac : What PowerBook. G4 model do you have ?
iteachmac : Your not helping your self , how do I get my time back.?