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I recently bought a IMac desktop. I also got a Epson wireless

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I recently bought a IMac desktop. I also got a Epson wireless NX420 printer. The Apple salesperson said the setup was very easy. Not so. I tried to set it up and found out I needed a router. I bought an Airport Express. Again, I was told its so easy. Not for me.When I try to install printer and/or Airport I am asked for SSID and password. I cannot get past that screen. Also no names of printers show up with the Epson disk. I have tried everything. Nothing works. What am I doing wrong? Do I also need a USB cord?
Hi, I can try to set you straight here. I think you've been a bit misled or confused. Setting up the printer through wireless will indeed be a bit technical since you'll need to have and set up a wireless network in your house, if you are not already familiar with this...there are a lot of steps...alternately you can use a USB cable to install the printer which should be a lot less hassle, a series of 5 steps that are fairly standardized from computer to computer. Hopefully that makes things a little more clear, please let me know what questions you have and we can continue troubleshooting.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your reply, however, I'm afraid that does not leave me with anymore info than I already have.I have been apparently been very mislead because everyone has told me how easy setting up the "wireless" printer is. Unfortunately I am not very technical and completely new to an Apple computer. I have a bad feeling this cannot be resolved easily. I have no problem paying you..but I do have a few questions. Can you help me with the SSID/password XXXXX the Epson printer asks for? If I use a USB cord was the Airport Express from Apple a waste of money? Can you walk me thru the steps to set this up wirelessly or am I going to have to get the Geek Squad in here. Thanks, ML
Okay...The just a fancy name for the network name...the Epson printer is asking for your network, which is what the Airport Express creates. Yes you will need someone with more experience to set that up. I think it would only be a lesson in frustration to chat back and forth with a process. If you don't need a wireless network, and you use the USB cord...YES the airport express was a waste. So sorry. I will be glad to continue following up! Just let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Robert..thank you for your response. You are absolutely right. We cannot do this on the phone. I went to Apple today and hopefully they have resolved the problem. It was way too involved to do this over the phone. The Airport Express needed to be configured and a lot of info was necessary to do this properly. I just wanted to thank you for your time and respond to you. I dont know if I accept the answer if you will get I am "replying to expert". If you need to send this back to me so I can "accept the answer" and you can be paid..please do so. Thanks again..Merry L
Hi Merry, so sorry for my delay! I'm doing some international travel and thought the internet would be more reliable! I'm responding so you can accept, thank you for your graciousness, feel free to come back to this thread if you need additional information in the future, even after accepting...or of course to come back and ask additional questions, glad to help, and usually a bit quicker with responses!
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