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Someone in the neighborhood has a linksys wireless router that

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Someone in the neighborhood has a linksys wireless router that keeps kicking both of my computers off my apple airport. When I get on with the airport, it works for a few minutes then I get dumped, and only linksys will work to get online. What can I do to block the linksys from taking over?

Claws224 :


Claws224 :

So can you tell me if the airport is your only wireless router in your home and how many Macs you have?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have only the airport wireless....I have a modem from Wave Broadband. There is a MacBook and an IMac in this house. One upstairs, and the laptop is used downstairs.



On one of your Macs can you go to System Preferences then select the Network tab.


From there can you click the Show pulldown menu and select AirPort.


You should then see a list of your available wireless networks arrainged alphabetically, If I am right the Linksys network will be listed above your home Airport network, So can you either delete the entry for Linksys or make sure your home network is above it in the list by dragging your Airport name to the top then saving your changes.


Once you have done that let me know if you now remain connected to your network or not.




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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
this will take a while - As I said earlier, I have unplugged the airport. Will do that now to see what happens. Then, I will try to make sure that my network is above the linksys ...and I have to unplug the IMac (not a macbook) from the modem and go get the laptop....

stay tuned!

No worries,


Just take your time and let me know if you need any clarification.