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Have a 2Wire 3800 modem supplied by AT&T uverse for DSL only

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Have a 2Wire 3800 modem supplied by AT&T uverse for DSL only (no wireless). Also have a AEBS wireless modem used for the wireless part of my network. This has worked for years set up as follows. 2Wire set up as usual. AEBS set up in bridge mode in DMZ mode. Upon having to replace my hard drive I have not been able to get this set up to work with out constant network drops and messages from the 2wire about modem behind a modem. I read that Macs need to have the SSID broadcast and that using private addresses on the router prevents this??? Just confused me more. Please help. I know that setting things up with the 2wire as the gateway and everything else going through the AEBS but the layout of my home makes this difficult if not impossible. I just want to provide wireless via my AEBS Help.
Hello, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.
From the sound of itI would say that you should start over.
I recommend setting the Airport Express Base Station back to factory settings.
This is for the AEBS 802.11 b/g/and n if so equipped.

  1. Disconnect the AirPort Express from power.
  2. Press and hold the reset button with a pen or pencil, then plug the AirPort Express back in while continuing to hold the button until you see the light flash rapidly. This should happen after a few seconds.
  3. Release the button. The AirPort Express will factory default reset.
This is for the AEBS
Then power off the DSL modem, connect the modem and the Airport Express and power up the Airport express, then the modem.
Now you will have to set the AEBS up with the SSID and security the way you want it.
That however, may not be the issue.
Please tell me more about the hard drive replacement and recovery of your data.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Dan, Well I have gotten things to work. I discovered that the router inside the ATT modem was not functioning properly, hence the continually moving IP numbers. I did so by only using the att modem for gateway and the AEBS from there. However, at the suggestion of an ATT tech, I purchased static IP addresses for the gateway (8 minimum with 2 unusable). I have used one for the gateway and one for the AEBS. All works fine but I wonder if I really need to pay the $15.00 month for the Static IP addresses. With all the traffic off the ATT modem router (except my AEBS) wouldn't DHCP work just as well for the gateway. I really don't think it will affect the AEBS as the gateway would issue IP in a different number range (192.168… vs 10.1…) ? Any other observations would be most helpful. I do like it this way better as the AEBS is so much more user friendly than the 2wire.
The AEBS likes DHCP, static is a cost that you do not need. If the modem is faulty then they should replace it but the AE will support 10 computers, Windows and Macs, wirelessly.
The AE should have an ethernet port that you connect to the modem, do that and reset the modem to DHCP, power it down and then back up, this will handshake with the AE and assign an IP address which the AE use and give each computer a DHCP address.
My setup is a cable modem, Airport Extreme and an 8 port ethernet hub, the modem supplies the IP from the outside world, the Airport splits it to the switch and other wired devices, it also assigns IPs to all my wireless machines.
I did it just as I described above.
The ethernet port on the modem should be the out to computer, the others are used by the built in router, you don't need them.
Then to the AE, it will do the rest, you will have to set up SSID etc on the AE if it is not already.
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