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Our macbook pro screen is not working what could be wrong the

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Our macbook pro screen is not working what could be wrong the screen is gray with lines what could be wrong

Travis :

Is it completely gray? Or do you mean what is on the screen is black and white (no color)? Also, does this occur as soon as you turn on the laptop or does it go gray at a specific point during startup? The more detail you can provide, the easier troubleshooting will be.

JACUSTOMER-b1zttm15- :

it is gray and white lines when it boots up we can not see anything on the screen it started a couple of weeks ago but if the lcd screen would be adjusted viewing came back .Now we can see anything except the gray and whitish lines.screen goes black when power is shut off.

Travis :

If this occurs immediately when you first boot the mac up, then the issue is hardware and not software. First, let's attempt to reset the PRAM. Then if that doesn't work, we'll try an SMC reset. If neither of the above work, then it is likely either a bad display or more likely a failing logic board. If the MacBook Pro is still under warranty, I'd take it in for service. If it is not under warranty, then I would suggest having it looked at by a certified repair tech to confirm that it is hardware failure and then decide how to proceed. Sorry.

First, let's try the PRAM reset.

1) Shut down the computer.
2) While the computer is shut down, locate these keys: command (has an apple on it), option (sometimes called alt), P, and R.
3) Turn the computer on, then press and hold Command-Option-P-R before the gray screen appears.
4) Hold these keys down until you hear the startup sound a total of 3 times.
5) Release the keys.

If this doesn't work, then I'll get you the info needed for the SMC reset. First, I'll need to know a few things about the MacBook Pro. How old is it? Is it a PowerPC or Intel? Do you know the serial number of the laptop?

JACUSTOMER-b1zttm15- :

Appox 2 yrs we can`t view anything on the screen don`t know the serial without seeing the info on the screen.The above reset did not work

Travis :

If the PRAM reset didn't help, then the last option before service would be the SMC reset. This doesn't really effect a malfunctioning display, but it does affect a non-functioning display. It's a long shot, but at this point, I'd try it so you've at least exhausted all of your options. I'll put a link to Apple's website where the operation is explained.

JACUSTOMER-b1zttm15- :

Ok will try that , Thanks

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