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Can I remap the other field for Activesync on EXCHANGE 2003

Customer Question

Can I remap the other field for Activesync on EXCHANGE 2003? My iPhone will not sync "other" but Outlook 2007 works fine. All other contact sync is fine.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  sibu1984 replied 6 years ago.

Sibu :

Hello, Welcome To JustAnswer Thanks & Regards Sibu

Sibu :

try the below steps to disable cache mode

Sibu :

  1. On the Tools menu, click E-Mail Accounts, click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.

  2. In the Outlook processes e-mail for these accounts in the following order list, click the Exchange Server e-mail account, and then click Change.

  3. Under Microsoft Exchange Server, clear the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box.

  4. Exit and restart Outlook.

Sibu :

then try to sync again

Customer :

This is an Activesync issue not syncing my iPhone "other" contact info issue, not a cached Exchange account issue. I have very much experience with Exchange... My iPhone will sync all numbers/fields except the "other" field on the phone. I am hoping for a text file edit to remap the Activesync fields.

Sibu :

Sorry I just saw taht u are using MAC OSx , I will open this to MAC experts to help you more

Customer :

This is not a Mac issue just because I am using a mac....This is a MS Exchange 2003 Activesync issue where it is not mapping fields properly to iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter. The "other" field is not properly mapping to any device. Wether it be iPhone or Droid. I Have tested both...

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am all set. I have figured out my issue. This was not a cached Outlook issue. My problem stemmed from Activesync not supporting the "other" field syncing to iPhone. I have moved my contacts to the "Business 2" field in Outlook 2007 and all is syncing fine now, so I will not accept your answer.

Thank you.

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