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iteachmac, The Duke!
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Mac help ,music midi expert, logic pro recording ,electrical installation ,ilife & all mac computing
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I forgot my password, got locked out of my IPad and havent

Customer Question

I forgot my password, got locked out of my IPad and haven't gotten anywhere in getting this issue resolved. Please HELP!! Have been trying to get this resolved for 3 weeks!!! How can I either get my password XXXXX get a new one so I can buy apts for my IPad?????
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  iteachmac replied 6 years ago.

iteachmac :

Hi I would like to help.

iteachmac :

If you have forgot your ipad password XXXXX read the below .

1. Connect the iPad with your PC or Mac .

2. In iTunes, select iPad from the ” Devices ” list.

3. Under the summary tab, click on the ” Restore ” button.

4. iTunes will ask you to take a backup. **Don’t do it and skip the step.**

5. Click on ” Restore ” and follow the next step.

Now wait for iTunes restore the backup to your iPad.

Now you will have the old data in your iPad that you backed up last , which doesn’t contain the pass code lock feature enabled, hopefully .

NOTE: If you dont have the backup in iTunes without the password XXXXX then this will not work .

Does this help?


iteachmac :

If you simply cant pay for apps in the app store please state , and ask this question .


I got locked out of my I Tunes account. Sorry, didn't make that clear. How can I get my password XXXXX create another one? I can't pay for apps in the app store because I don't have my password


I can't buy apps in the apps story.

iteachmac :

Hi If your simply locked out of your itunes account , just call apple and explain you will be put to a assistant to fix the issue , this must be done over the phone with apple for security.


What is the number?

iteachmac :

One moment .

iteachmac :

Your billing info may need to be updated.

1. Go to
2. Log In with your Apple ID
3. Update you account info.
4. Check the Address book and Phone numbers - Please match that info with your credit card.
5. Once completed save and log out , then open iTunes and update the same billing information to the letter .

If this does not work then the problem is an internal issue , and not Software related or info related. Moving house or a change of address can cause similar issues , It possible the change in Phone account has created an issue , but again this will have to discussed with Apple Directly as they have access to your details .

You can email or phone apple support for help , they may be able to give you clues to why your Apple ID setup is failing , or your password XXXXX help you set up an account successfully or reset your current one ..

There are many locations and contact numbers on the contact page above , please find the area phone number nearest to you or use email contact .

There is also a remote possibility that you have an outstanding payment that needs to be cleared , again please contact Apple as above and explain your issue and check your account is up to date and paid up to date with no outstanding charges due..

I hope this helps ,

iteachmac :

This should clear up the issue . If not just call apple via phone , they will help to fix the issue.

iteachmac :

Please remember to press accept on the button so I get paid , thanks.