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I have an older apple notebook with thousands of photos, etc.

Customer Question

I have an older apple notebook with thousands of photos, etc. How do I transfer these photos to my new Macbook Pro? I also have a 500 gig backup drive that is supposed to back up all my files, etc. but I cannot understand how to ask for a backup and then how to transfer files. I really would like to backup my old Notebook to theXXXXX and then select the files I want to transfer to the new Macbook Pro. Why is this so hard to figure out?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.
Hello, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.
This is actually much easier than you think.
First make sure your Time Machine is plugged in and powered on.
Since you have backed up all of your things with Time Machine all you need to do is press and hold down the option key and click on the Time machine icon in your menu bar, like the image shows.
Then navigate to your iPhoto library and restore it. You can do this with anything that is on your Time Machine.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry, guess I am really thick. The old Notebook has 6000 photos. I would like to transfer them to either the 500 gig backup disk and then select what i want to put on the new MacPro. Cant find the Time Machine icon on the older Notebook even though I have it hooked to the old notebook.
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.
It looks like it's my turn to be thick. What operating system do you have on the other laptop?
The reason I ask is because if you did not back it up with Time Machine then you cannot recover from Time Machine.
The other way you can do it is with a FireWire cable, most likely your new wind has a FireWire 800 so you will need a 400 to 800 cable or an adapter.
Then start the old one in target mode by holding down the letter T. until the radiation symbol appears on the screen.
This turns it into an external hard drive so that you can drag anything you like over.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there a way my new notebook can find the older notebook's hard drive on my network rather than the firewire method?
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.
Yes, but it will be slow.
Turn file sharing on in System Preferences on the old one and it will show up under Shared in a finder window on the new one, like this.
Then sign in with your user name and password XXXXX you used on the old Mac. Now you have access just as you would the other way, there may be some things it balks at but for what you want it should be good.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok, went to old notebook, to network and internet then to sharing then checked everything that would be shared, and nothing popped up on new one...
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.
Restart the old one, most times it is not needed but sometimes it is. Then if it still does not show up under shared, like this (I forgot this shot).
As you can see I have a few shared machines.
This is from the help for Mac.

To connect to a computer or server by browsing:

  1. In the Finder, choose Go > “Connect to Server,” and then click Browse.

    You can also click the disclosure triangle next to Shared in a Finder window sidebar.

    The computers on your network with sharing turned on are listed in a Finder window.

  2. Search for the computer’s name.

    You may also need to know the network area or workgroup the computer is located in.

  3. When you locate the shared computer or server, select it and click Connect As.

    If you are connecting to a Mac that has screen sharing turned on, and you have the appropriate privileges, you can also click Share Screen to display the computer’s screen on your screen.

  4. If necessary, enter your user name and password XXXXX select volumes or shared folders on the server. (To make it easier to connect to the computer in the future, select “Remember this password XXXXX my keychain” to add your user name and password XXXXX the computer to your keychain.)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well now I see the older computer on the new one but the connection says connection fails, even though it sees it.
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.
Ok, restart both Macs and try it again.