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I have Outlook 2003 on my laptop which interfaces with a Virgin

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I have Outlook 2003 on my laptop which interfaces with a Virgin POP account. I have bought an Ipad and have configured the mail settings correctly and have checked that "leave messages on server" is set. It is also set on the Outlook account.

If Outlook downloads a message first, the Ipad also gets it. If the Ipad gets it first, Outlook doesn't get it even though it is still on the Virgin server. Does the Ipad set a marker saying that this message has been downloaded to everywhere, thus stopping it downloading to my Outlook account?

Grateful for any help you can offer

Peter Saltmarsh

Mike Kane :

You have guessed correctly. iPAD sync will benefit greatly, as well as other benefits by switching to iMAP. POP is less secure and notorious for proplems when using from multiple clients. iMap will allow you to have a perfectly synchronized mail system -- no matter what client you use.

Mike Kane :

I might add, that if you are using an Exchange Server 2007 upstream, the new Outlook for Mac 2011 and iPad support for Exchange 2007 work perfectly.

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Please get back to me when you return online. Thanks!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for this. Only problem is I don't know what Imap is. Never heard of it. Can I use it with as my email provider? Is it just a setting that needs changing?



There are two different protocols used by most mail servers, POP and iMAP. Apparently, is not supporting iMAP (bad decision). Here is a link to an article explaining how the settings should be: You may want to consider switching to Gmail and having Gmail check and retrieve your email to minimize the hassle of switching. Let me know if this is a viable way for you to go. Many people have worked around their provider's problems supporting iMAP by having their POP mail forwarded through Gmail. It is straightforward to do, and usually resolves the sync problems you are experiencing.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Virgin now claims to support IMAP4 and I have successfully installed it on the laptop using Outlook. However I don't seem to be able to configure the Ipad Incoming server. With the settings I have used (as advised on the Virgin website as follows:


Manual configuration settings for e-mail


Type of information

Settings to enter



Sending mail (SMTP)


SMTP server name



SMTP port


SMTP authentication

Enabled (or 'Password' on Macs)

SMTP username

Full e-mail address, e.g., [email protected]



Receiving mail (POP3)


POP3 server name



POP3 port


POP3 authentication

Enabled (or 'Password' on Macs)

POP3 username

Full e-mail address, e.g., [email protected]

POP3 SPA (Secure Password XXXXX)




Receiving mail (IMAP4)


IMAP4 server name



IMAP4 port


IMAP4 authentication

Enabled (or 'Password' on Macs)

IMAP4 username

Full e-mail address, e.g., [email protected]

IMAP4 SPA (Secure Password XXXXX)



Using the IMAP4 settings on the IPAD doesn't download the inbox.


I can resort to your work around if I have to, but it seems likely that I have got one setting incorrect on the Ipad. I notice on the Ipad config screen when creating the new account under the "other" option, the box containing the user name and e-mail address is titled POP settings, where I would expect IMAP settings. But if I try Gmail, AOL or one of the other set types of mail, it doesn't recognise the e-mail address.


Any bright ideas?



Hi: We're getting close. Delete the account from the iPad. Then re-install manually. Make sure that the is the incoming server. Explicitly set port 993 and make sure that SSL is enabled. Password XXXXX is password. If that doesn't work, a call to tech support will be necessary. The instructions you sent to me seem correct and appropriate. The phone, configured manually with those settings, should work. The only thing left is either a bad SSL certificate or port blocking by your ISP. Hope that helps you - good luck!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This is what I have been trying for some days without success. I rang virginand they suggested putting "recent:" in front of the email address on the setup but that is impossible because when you are in the email address field, the colon (:) is not available on the keyboard


So I have set up a gmail account, forwarded all the emails there and receive them ok on the ipad on a gmail setup. I have gone on the web to gmail and told the settings to change the "from" to my account (default always) but still emails sent out say that they are coming from the gmail address when received the other end. Frustrating isn't it. Any suggestions either on the imap issue or the gmail issue?


Best regards

That is a strange recommendation from them. I suspect that traffic on port 465 is being blocked or your SSL certificate is bad. You might want to go to the Security area and delete the certificate and see if on the next connection, they download a new one. You will get a message to the effect that the certificate is bad or missing do you want to connect anyway, and you reply yes.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i'm sorry not to have responded earlier. I was travelling.


Could you please lead me through the steps needed to check the certificate inthe Security area. I don 't recognise the term "Security area"!



It is somewhat involved in your configuration. I would like to point you to a Microsoft article and let you see if that can help. If you have questions out of this reading, I will be happy to help. Please let me know if you have any questions after reading the article.