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A friend says she got a virus from my email. I did not send

Customer Question

A friend says she got a virus from my email. I did not send her an email so if she got something it must be a virus. I have an email from a friend about discount meds that I don't think she sent me and it keeps showing up. What should I do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  OSXpert replied 7 years ago.
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JACUSTOMER-qjwpokgb- :


OSXpert : Great. Which version of Mac OS X are you running?
OSXpert :

Are you still available?

OSXpert :

Hi, do you have a few minutes to chat?

OSXpert :

First, I would recommend both you and your friend change your email passwords. Choose a password XXXXX at least 8 characters and contains a variety of different characters (capital/lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers). Do not base your password XXXXX a word that can be found in the dictionary.

OSXpert :

This will most likely solve your problem. It's more of a precaution for you, and it's more of a necessity for your friend. It sounds like his/her email account password XXXXX been stolen and the thief is using it to forward emails people in their address book advertising the sale of pharmaceuticals.

I would also recommend your friend run a virus scan to be sure there are no viruses on their system.

Let me know how this goes. Thanks!

JACUSTOMER-qjwpokgb- :

How do I change my password? My computer is so slow I know somethnig is wrong. We have a Lindsky router and my printer that is wireless will not work now.

OSXpert :

Which service are you using for your email account?