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Kyle Brockman
Kyle Brockman, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 114
Experience:  5 yrs. experience building, repairing, maintaining and configuring macs in a corporate environment.
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I have CS5 running on 27 iMac with 8 GB of ram. How do I

Customer Question

I have CS5 running on 27" iMac with 8 GB of ram. How do I check to see if I am running at 32 bit performance? Could I run at 64 bit and what would that get me?

After I have been working in photoshop for a while I often get a message saying that I could not complete a task because I do not have enough memory. This happens particularly after using Merge to HDR, content aware fill and noise ninja. Do I need to dedicate more RAM to Photoshop and how do I do that?

Jan Nelson
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Kyle Brockman replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Kyle Brockman :

I can help you with this. Can you open photoshop and then open activity monitor. Next to the photoshop process in the list you see it says intel, if it says intel(64 bit), it's running in 64bit mode.

JACUSTOMER-26dq1w1p- :

I checked the activity monitor. Next to Photoshop in the list it does say Intel, but it does not have (64 bit) after Intel. Many of the other items in the list say (64 bit) after Intel. For example, Safari shows up as Intel (64 bit).

Kyle Brockman :

Ok, we can change this. Control click on the application. Then, select get info. In get info you will see a check next to open in 32bit mode. Uncheck this and photoshop will running in 64bit mode.

JACUSTOMER-26dq1w1p- :

Ok, I did what you asked but there was nothing there saying open in 32 bit mode. I can send you a screen capture if there is a way to attached it to this document. Also my problem with CS5 saying I am out of RAM occurred in CS4 and on another computer as well as this one. I keep thinking there must be a corrupted file somewhere.

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