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Hi, I just bought a 15 MAC book pro used on ebay. I paid

Resolved Question:

I just bought a 15" MAC book pro used on ebay. I paid $899.00 for it because it was in excellent condition. When I got it today, some of the bubble wrap was popped and the computer was dented by the AC adapter. It was on the end where it opens. It popped the lid about 1/8 th of an inch. When I started it up, it smelled a little hot. When I contact the seller which has on his ad no returns, what should I tell him?
Thank You,

PS, I may not wait tonight for the answer because I am at an internet cafe and need to get back to my apt so I can get to bed so I can go to work. I will wait a fwe mins.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  OSXpert replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
OSXpert :

Hi my name is Britton. A couple of questions:

First, I assume the damage was not disclosed to you before you purchased the Mac? Was this an EBay auction by any chance?

Lastly, is there any chance the damage may have occurred during shipping? Fill me in on some more details and we'll get you all set.

JACUSTOMER-ojsfxvtk- :

I got the computer off of ebay. I believe that the computer was damaged in shipment. I was wanting to know what the computer was worth so I could get money taken off of it or if I could get a refund.

OSXpert :

Can you tell me a little bit more about the computer? Click the Apple logo in the upper left hand corner, then select About This Mac

I need to know:
Version of Mac OS X

OSXpert :

Also which processor, and how much memory. Then click "More Info", then click Graphics/Displays. From here what is the chipset model and the VRAM.

This will give me a better idea of its value. Was it insured during shipping?

OSXpert :

You paid a pretty good price for the system -- $899 is fair. That said, you need to find out if there was shipping insurance on the package. If so, then FedEx / UPS or whomever was used for shipping should cover the damages. Inspect the packaging it was shipped in -- if it show visible damage that would correspond to the damage on the laptop, then you probably have a pretty good case. If not, take it up with the seller. If the seller won't work with you, you can contact ebay and have them back you up. You have 45 days from the time of purchase to file a claim with ebay. If the item was not received in the condition that it was described as, they will either force the seller to give you a refund or will pay you out. Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks.

JACUSTOMER-ojsfxvtk- :


JACUSTOMER-ojsfxvtk- :

Hi, I am gsending pictures to the seller and see what can be worked out. When I get everything settled, I will pushh the accept. Until then, if I have any questions, I will let you know. I will do the accept either way, Thanks,

OSXpert :

Good deal, thanks! Let me know if you have more questions

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