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I have 2 hotmail accounts. On the account I usually use, I

Customer Question

I have 2 hotmail accounts. On the account I usually use, I have not been able to make connections to either get to hotmail or open a mail or to forward a mail. It seems that I may go one step and then can't connect. I am not having trouble with my other account but I can't use that instead because my contacts and my emails are not mutual. This has been a problem for about a week on and off. There were several hours last week that I didn't receive routine emails and expect that I may have never received some important emails. What can be done?


Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mary replied 6 years ago.
Hi Wayne, I'm Mary and I'll do my best to advise you on your Hotmail issue.

Actually, I should say it isn't YOUR Hotmail issue, exactly. For more than a week Hotmail has been having some severe service disruptions.

Customers have sometimes been unable to access the site, have had their logins and/or passwords rejected or, if they were able to get into their mail account, were not able to do anything.

Why is it only affecting one of your accounts and not the other? Likely because those two accounts "live" on different Hotmail servers. One server could be doing fine while the other is throwing a tantrum.

This site [click here] will let you see the real-time status of what's happening with Hotmail. Only if it shows their service is up and running should you suspect that the problem is on your end.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do on your end except wait it out.

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