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iteachmac, The Duke!
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Mac help ,music midi expert, logic pro recording ,electrical installation ,ilife & all mac computing
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My Icons on the right upper screen Clock,wi-fi, blue tooth,

Customer Question

My Icons on the right upper screen Clock,wi-fi, blue tooth, etc are blinking in and out of line and could'nt get my hp printer to work either kept getting "error-43"
I tried repairing using disk utilities from Snow Leopard disk. What's up? I'm using an intel imac 24"
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  iteachmac replied 7 years ago.
Hi , I would like to help .

Testing for issues.

We can create new accounts in OSX using the Apple menu , System preferences , Accounts control panel to test if problems are resolved .

In the Accounts control panel , Unlock the pad lock , use the + button to add an account .

Disable the automatic logon function , restart and logon to your new account .

From this account you can setup your software etc for your own use with this account.

Applications are shared across the Users on the Mac , application preferences are separate for each account .
Each individual user has its own User folder with Music , pictures , documents , movies etc ,
If the Problem is local to your old user account and not system wide , this should show up if this is the case.

Does this help the issue at all??

Also please explain in more detail , and please give full model numbers for the printer and other software used.

Please can you use Apple menu Software update to update all Apple software to the latest versions . Reboot and test the issue in both accounts one at a time.
You may also need to install extra software for your printer , drivers and tools these can be found in most cases from the manufactures web site , support section , or downloads sections for the product , model number . . You will need drivers for your current OSX version , Use Apple menu , About this Mac for the OSX version information.

Does this help please explain in detail?