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Is there any way to retrieve an unsaved Word document that

Resolved Question:

Is there any way to retrieve an unsaved Word document that my cat closed out? Am using OS X 10.5.8 on a 1.5 GHz PowerPC G4. Word is 2004 Word for Mac
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  iteachmac replied 6 years ago.
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iteachmac :

Hi ,

The answer is maybe.

When a computer or program crashes or is closed without saving any documents that are edited within it or being worked on , unsaved files are lost - with one possible exception.

Some programs auto save edits (Word is one such program) and it can offer a recovery when you restart the program.

If Word didn't offer to recover the file on relaunch , it didn't have anything to recover.

TimeMachine can only back up what has been saved if that is being used to backup user data and default is once per hour .

Please learn to save documents frequently while you are working on them on any computer OS changes to a document will be lost if not saved.

There are auto save options in Microsoft Word's preferences
(look under the Word menu for preferences) and set Word to autosave.

Pages does not have auto save at this time.

Although you can use a program called Forever save to add this functionality .


MS word :
If you saved the document, then what you'll be able to recover depends on
how your preferences were set and when you last hit Save.

If your Save preferences are set at the default, AutoRecover is
set to save every 10 minutes. Word should have saved the
document intact within the last ten minutes of typing.

If you manually hit Save during the ten minutes autosave you will have more saved .

You can go to the finder and see if your Document is in the Documents folder .

In any case the Document must have been saved for auto save to work . i.e a blank or new document may not auto save until it is saved manually .

If you need more help please ask :)

I hope this helps .



Word was set on 10 minute autosave, but exactly what happened was this. I worked on he document and left he computer. Gone for about 30 minutes. When I came back there was gibberish typed and several other settings changed. When I tried to delete the cat's writing it asked me if I wanted to save. I said NO then I realized what I had done. When I reopened the file about 4 pages were gone.

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Expert:  iteachmac replied 6 years ago.
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Expert:  iteachmac replied 6 years ago.
Please reply here for any other help you need for this question .

Expert:  iteachmac replied 6 years ago.
Extra info :

Auto Save files for Microsoft word on Mac OSX:

Under your user's profile on the Mac HD , look in the folder "Microsoft User Data" under "Documents" e.g. on your computer it would be found in :

Mac HD/Users/Your user/Documents/Microsoft User data/file name

Any auto save documents for MS word would be found there.

I hope this helps .


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