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Why does it take between 45 minutes - 1 hr to transfer approx

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Why does it take between 45 minutes - 1 hr to transfer approx 250 pics from iPhoto to iTunes?
Hi, I think I can help you with this...

If this is different from what you have seen in the past it may have to do with the size and complexity of the photos. The photos (from your digital camera) are probably huge when compared to the size of the resulting QuickTime movie. So, the program needs time to process each one.

Also,the speed of processes like this can often be helped by doing a complete restart of the computer and just running the program you need until it is finished.

Let me know if you get stuck on anything or need more explanation. Thanks for using!
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am still waiting for the definition of error message OSStatusError 9459. Thanks.
I had this in your other JustAnswer issue. It is best to stay on the same issue with the same problem or question. Apparently the error code comes up when the computer's display sleeps during the process.

Here's some info I found on that particular error code:

I've been getting the same OSStatus error -9459. Rebuilding the iPhoto library didn't help me, neither did setting the computer sleep time to Never in Energy Saver.

What did work was setting the DISPLAY sleep time to never! I consistently found that if I turned off the display by using a hot corner or if the display timed out through the Energy Saver setting, the slidshow export failed. Didn't matter if the slideshow was on its way to iDVD or the desktop.

Check your system and see if the display is going to sleep in the middle of the export.