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My pdf is open in adobe reader but wont let me type on the

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My pdf is open in adobe reader but won't let me type on the blanks
Pdf files are normally read only files. Most require you to print and then hand fill in the form and scan it back into the computer. You can also try using the typewriter option in the tools menu to fill them in. Otherwise you will need a pdf editor or to let the person who sent it to you know it is read only. When they create the form they have the option to allow or not allow changes to be made to the document. If they don't allow this happens and it becomes read only.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry I assumed too much. The State Bar of Michigan posted the pdf on their website. I called their tech support because the option of emailing it back was recommended. She told me to download adobe reader and open the pdf with reader, type on it, save it with a name, and attach the named file to an email. I downloaded reader using safari, opened the pdf in reader, and cannot type on it. If she has created the form with the option to allow changes, what is the next step to enable me to type in the blanks? I have clicked tools, as the reader help directedm clicked the correct menu item, and clicked on the blank. It turns the blank yellow once, and also the size changing tool seemed to be ready to work.
After it turns yellow try typing can you type on it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no, my computer beeps at me and nothing happens
Please try using the pdf form filler here and see if it works: Click Here


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it worked on that website but it wants money, is that all my options?
No that means the pdf was not writable the website converts them.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hope you got paid, yes? turns out the Bar Assoc. tech support person was clueless, her supervisor called me back and said the form is NOT writable bec. they require a signature, so I said why the email link then and she said something about scanning the form after I print it out and type it in, BOO! I couldn't get the website you sent me to to send nongarbage pdf they refunded their fee, now I have to go to the library to print out the form, will just mail it in like last century, thanks for the brief dip into the 21`st
Yes I got paid and your welcome I hope you have a wonderful day

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