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Brandon M.
Brandon M., Mac Support Specialist
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Experience:  10+ Years Mac Support as contractor and currently an IT Manager for law firm
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I only have one USB port on the back of my stand alone screen

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I only have one USB port on the back of my stand alone screen and that is attached to the brains of my computer. Is there another way to complete the hook up?
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BeBoo :

Hi there. You stated that you have a standalone computer and you are running Mac OS X so I will assume that you have an iMac. The iMacs have 3 USB ports on the back of the computer. They are located in the lower left if you are looking at the back of the iMac. In this picture, you can see the 3rd, 4th and 5th ports are all USB ports:

Customer: I do not have an iMac. I have a stand alone screen with one port that is occupied by the cord to the brains of the computer.
BeBoo :

Ah, just the screen then. What kind of computer do you have then? The USB ports would be on the brains

Customer: I have a mac os x.
BeBoo :

THat is the operating system. I need to know what kind of Mac you have. Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro?

Customer: Machine: Power Mac G4
Customer: Machine Power Mac G4
Customer: Model Power Mac 3,5
Customer: Looks like I have two ports, I will have to unhook to get it out but the minute I find them I will accept.
BeBoo :

Great. Let me know if you have any other questions

Customer: Thank you so much, I have hooked it all together, but nothing has popped up on my screen, I suppose when I clear with you it may?
Customer: I got it Thanks....... so muc
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
BeBoo, I had the start of Magic jack on the screen that is when I accepted, then when I left you I clicked on the spot, the response popped up, cannot open as the system does not support. Or something quite similar, can you help?
I am not familiar with MagicJacks, to be honest. I try to stay away from them. From what I've read, though, you need an Intel-based Mac to be able to use it which you do not have. You would need one of the newer Macs such as a Mac Pro, iMac, Macbook, etc.!PAGETYPE?sc=13&sf=101133&documentid=345410&action=view

Best Regards,